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  1. Ok no problem. Thanks you for your support.
  2. Hello Mathijs, Thank you for your answer but I would prefer to modifiy this navdatabase for my own private use as this is the most simple straight forward good way for my experiments: modify a single input for a system rather than to modify the system itself. Is there a good reason why we cannot edit and modify this .dat file for private use as this file is computed, processed and structured by aerosoft certainly in a way faraway from the data structure provided by the DLH Sys? Thank you for your support.
  3. Hello there, Sorry I complete my msg, I am using JeeHellWare A320 FMGS which relies on aerosoft navdatabase generation. What I would like to do is to be able to swap ILS coordinates of 2 runways from one airport and I would like to know if this possible in some way to do that, knowing that the produced navrecord.dat file is a binary file. Is there a tool available to edit and modify this file in order to maodify the LATI/LONGI? I have tried first to do that from the P3D navaid files using BGLNavEditor without getting the expected effect, certainly because JHW relies on
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