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  1. ok thanks Sorry, I did not know that the problem is from PayPal
  2. still didnt get answer from Aerosoft, can anyone here explain whats the meaning of this: "Your order has not been processed yet"? why this happened? Isn't this process done automatically? So why does the system show this message for me? If the process is not automatic then why did you write in the page before buying instant download?
  3. I send email to aerosoft, but i didnt get answer! wilco, i will send ticket here too,
  4. Finally, after a lot of effort, I bought Active Sky yesterday, but from yesterday until now, after payment, my order is: Your order has not been processed yet. What is the reason? How long should I wait?
  5. thank, and can i set speed, altitude and heading in autopilot with keyboard? how can i do thaht?
  6. no, it doesnt work. and i cant zoom with mouse wheel too
  7. sorry for my wrong. i didnt see this section
  8. Hello, Subject Say all of the sayable think. i cant set any think because my mouse wheel dont work on the aerosoft a330. i must click on them for change state of anythink. can you help me? i dont have problem with this on fsx, just p3d
  9. i do that but it steel not working, and the nd log file couldnt be generated is back, and i get a new error when i was uninstalling the add o n: uninstall file could not be generated, and i remove files handly
  10. third mcdu image, just its work. pfd and nd cant power on. battery`s turn on, apu master swich on apu on but nd and pfd are not turn on check lists are not avilable acrft doors and ...
  11. ok ok i have updated the a330 using as updater now nd log file could be generated but the aircraft cant power up and apu cant be started ecam and nd and pfd cant light on just load and fuel option work on third mcdu. where is the problem?
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