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  1. Helloo all 🙂 , Very bizarre ... anyone have an idea? I have Prepar3DV5. for everything I have all the latest updates as well as for my drivers and so on ... This weekend I did a flight with the QW 787 and the Aerosoft Airbus A330. No problem. Yesterday I did a flight with the Aerosoft A320 and after a short 30 minutes flight I got a CTD. After this CTD I removed trueglass and reallight in the GAUGES as well as emptied the SHADERS folder. In the folder of Aerosoft A320 I restarted these 2 installers. Afterwards I was able to fly for 5 hours without CTD in the Airbus A320. Anyone have an idea ? If I now fly back the QW787 or AEROSOFT I am afraid that I would have to go through this process again the next day. I am curious about your tips.
  2. Hello, Are there in prepar3DV5 - Aerosoft pro A319 some controls to adjust the numbers in the speed/mach selector from the autopilot panel. Now I do it with the mousewheel- maybe a control by keyboard is possible?
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