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  1. I may end up creating a mesh hard object in blender covering the entire airport and have depressions for the underpasses. Thanks
  2. Yes I am looking into procedure to edit small specific areas of LFPG to allow moving traffic underneath taxiways. I am working on this airport and do not wish to take short cuts with taxiways bridges running ABOVE the base elevation but need to have these areas of elevation BELOW the base elevation of the airport. There are approximately 9 bridges in LFPG spread out throughout so it would be quite a task. Yes there are older tools XGrinder, DSF tool, Meshtool.exe, Sketchup or any 3-D, but more is needed and these are insufficient for x plane 11.50. Thanks.
  3. I would like to know what necessary tools are required to edit mesh to create taxiway overpasses with roads underneath the taxiway. Many airports have this scenario such as LFPG. Thanks.
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