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  1. I checked and there are two ILS beams for 36C, with a different identifier but same frequency and slightly different hdg (3° vs. 5°): I performed another flight and ensured that the right identifier (MSA) was selected in the FMC, but the situation didn't change. I also noticed that also others Aerosoft sceneries I owe (Rome, Milan) have duplicated ils, but I never had problems there. During a take off from 36L on Vatsim I also saw that, while I was aligned on the centerline of the scenery, other planes in front of me aligned on the left of the runway (more or less like the pic
  2. Hi, I recently purchased this tile for FSX. I noticed that, when landing, there is a slightly offset between the ILS and the Runway (see the pictures, I removed also weather effects to be sure). AIRAC is updated as FSX (using aero.sors). I tried with a freeware scenery and the ils is perfectly aligned with runway. Is there a way to fix this? [edited: removed links and attached photos]
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