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  1. Hi, Loving the aircraft so far, thanks for the amazing work. I've noticed intermittent drops in performance while inputting data into the CDU. Once I hit "EXEC" everything is fine again. Baseline is about 40 FPS on the ground, drops to around 23-27 when inputting data, e.g., on the LEGS or PERF pages, once I hit EXEC all is well again, back to 40 FPS. Minor issue but thought I would report. Any thoughts? Thanks, Brandon
  2. Thanks, I received your email and replied this morning. Hope to get this sorted ASAP.
  3. Hi, I've tried placing an order for Svalbard4XPlane and SAM Follow Me with your Black Friday 25% discount. I've attempted now, 3 times across different browsers (Chrome and Safari). Each time after clicking "Complete Payment", I'm taken back to your homepage - no order confirmation or anything in my account under orders. It appears my Amex has been charged three times now for this order, and I have not received any email confirmation, product download links, or license keys. This is really frustrating, would you please assist ASAP? Thanks! B
  4. Thanks, I'm going to file a report. I'm having this issue with many of the newer/updated sceneries out there that support 11.50, specifically right now for example, X-Codr KMMH and KDEN, and FlyTampa KLAS. But not on others like Icarus KSAN, Short Final KLAX, Nimbus KPHX, FlightBeam KPDX, etc. Could this be due to higher res texturing or any other newer scenery technologies used? Do you know of anything different about the sceneries I've listed out (problematic vs. non-problematic) including Seychelles, which currently is problematic?
  5. Curious if anyone found a remedy to this issue or have spoken with Laminar about a fix in the next XP update? I'm noticing a similar massive FPS drop with some other sceneries on 11.50r3 in OpenGL mode. I'd love to use these sceneries in OpenGL on Mac, and they're currently unusable.
  6. It seems that X-Plane still hasn't updated the apt.dat to include all the Seychelles airports? I'm having this same issue with the G1000 - most of the airports don't exist in the database. Anyone else found a way to add them? Thanks, Brandon
  7. Yes, I did try this. I pretty much disabled every plugin I had one by one through the Plugin Admin to see if I noticed any massive change in performance, but none of the plugins I have seem to be the culprit. Very interesting, this is exactly what I was experiencing. Certain angles I rotated the camera I would get 40-50 FPS, but then it would drop to a standstill of 2 FPS with just an inch or two head movement in another direction. I've never seen massive changes in performance on my system whether I use Metal or OpenGL, and since I was getting some instability still with
  8. Thanks for the response, Matthias. I disabled all other scenery and enabled Metal again - I was using OpenGL as I was using SkyMaxx Pro, which doesn't support Metal. I'm now getting around 30 FPS with similar settings. The scenery remains unusable in OpenGL mode for me at the moment. Have you tried restarting X-Plane without Metal enabled? I'm curious if you would get similar poor FPS results that I was experiencing. Thanks for the help. Brandon
  9. Hi Heinz, It seems I've narrowed this down to be an autogen issue, which seems to be terribly unoptimized with this scenery. Take a look at the attached screenshots from Bird Island, the first is with "Number of World Objects" turned off (the "Minimal" setting) and the second is with autogen turned to the "Low" setting. I typically fly with this set to "Medium" on my system with OrbxTrue Earth, Custom Airports and Cities, FlyTampa sceneries, etc. and have never had this issue. Like I said, I typically average about 30-40 FPS with my existing settings and add-ons. Have your develope
  10. Thank you, Heinz. Attaching my Log.txt here. This is so strange, I've never had this issue before with any other add-on scenery. I also own your Faroe Islands XP scenery and booted that up last night just to check and no issues there either. It seems to be Seychelles specific for some reason. I do have SAM installed, it looks like I'm running version 2.0.7. I can try reinstalling with the SAM Suite you linked to and I'll report back. Please let me know if anything looks strange in my Log.txt Thank you! Brandon Log.txt
  11. Hi, I just purchased Seychelles XP, followed all installation instructions, booted up the sim and I'm getting really low FPS, even less than 1 FPS at times, which is very very unusually low for my system. I typically average around 40 FPS with Orbx TrueEarth products and add-on airports installed. I've tested this at Mahé and Bird Island so far with similar results. Weird thing is when I move the camera in certain directions my FPS goes back to what would be considered normal for my system (around 40 FPS). I've tried to tweak the world objects, draw parked aircraft, etc. with no lu
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