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  1. I don't mean to promote (you can delete it if you think I shouldn't post this) but here is a video I took on board a CRJ taking off last August. I thought some of you might be interested, including maybe some people who are into the wing flex debate. It starts off kind of blurry since I had the camera against the window and it was shaking but I fixed it before rotation.
  2. Definitely, seeing the huge amount of liveries for the A320 (some of them were airlines I had never even heard of before) I will be surprised if no one does make one. I agree that it is better, some people say it's too simple but I think the white on blue looks a lot better than the yellow.
  3. Well I haven't seen the livery yet, nor have there even been any teasers of the 900, but once the 900 pack comes out I will probably be flying that in the Delta livery the most, especially if someone makes an Endeavor Air livery. But as far as current liveries and models go, probably the Alaska and Delta 700s and the UAL CRJ550. And definitely Lufthansa if they come out with the new livery.
  4. A lot of the time when aircraft go to a different operator it takes a while to change on Flightradar24. For example, there's an ex-American 767 that transitioned to a cargo airline that flies into my local airport a lot, and FR24 still says it's American Airlines.
  5. Same here, must be all the people coming here and posting so much.
  6. All we have to do is list every day in 2021 and we are guaranteed to win! (I am just joking, please do not actually do this)
  7. I looked very closely in some of the images Mathijs posted and I didn't find anything. My guess is that the 11th has something to do with it.
  8. I would like some more detail on the switches and panels themselves. The current textures kind of give off a smooth plastic kind of look. (It'd be just fine if they leave it as is, it's just a beauty issue, the crj wouldn't lose anything if they left it how it is. I am just saying it would be nice if they gave it a weathered look.)
  9. I've already said it before but I'll be doing CVG - DTW. It's a nice short flight but long enough that I can take the time to learn the aircraft and how it flies, and it also originates at my home airport. I am a little nervous about manually controlling the speed but apart from that I am very excited to fly the CRJ in msfs, it is my favorite rj.
  10. I rarely looked at this forum in the last few days because it had pretty much turned into a complete mess with hardly any posts actually about the CRJ. I'm glad to see it has become a nice topic again! Happy new year guys, I can tell this year is gonna be great for flight simmers.
  11. Honestly, I don't care how public they are with the screenshots. I was always was (pleasantly) surprised that they were allowed to show so much of the development, so I wasn't too surprised when he said this. But going back to my first sentence, I don't care as long as they maintain a good connection with the customers on the forums and answer questions without having to reveal pretty much the whole development. I know I am going to be heavily criticized for this opinion, but I know they are working so hard to get this out and having all these people bug them about this doesn't help.
  12. Just because you make it known that you don't like a decision doesn't mean it has to be toxic.
  13. I am also very excited for this, but as much as I want to buy it asap, I'll probably wait for the 900/1000 pack to be released so I can buy them all at the same time. The 900 is my favorite so that's probably the first one I'm gonna want to fly. Regardless, it looks amazing and I can't wait.
  14. Would there be an option to buy the 550/700 pack and the 900/1000 pack as one dlc when they are both out or will you have to buy them separately? Sorry if this has already been answered before but I don't remember seeing anything like that. It's my first time buying any payware aircraft even though I have been simming for many years now.
  15. Looks amazing, I can't wait. I love CRJs so I will be flying this a lot.
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