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  1. Thanks Tom. You are correct, I was looking in the "Prepare3D folder" in the Navdatapro app instead of using the main screen like your example shows and re-directing the path to my P3Dv5.1 folder. I checked it it in the simm and it looks ok now. I did not think to use the FSX version of QW787. Thanks again for the heads up. Mike
  2. Yes Tom. Nothing changed with folder locations with the new install.
  3. Installed P3DV5.1 and have lost my NavDataPro updated cycles. I am using QW787 which does not show in the NavDataPro available aircraft list for P3d. Anybody know a fix for this?
  4. Thanks so much. That seems to have worked.
  5. Before I purchased NAVDATAPRO I checked for support for the P3DV5 QW787 and it was listed. I don't see this aircraft in the Airac download list. Am I missing something here?
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