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  1. hello i use xplane 11 and have the aerosoft scenery. When i load the game some part of the scenery is not loaded up and it appears in the air. Can anyone help me? Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  2. ok thank you for the replies i will be moving to P3d very shortly with win10
  3. Thank you i will do it but P3d v5 , Do you know how much Ram it will take because i am planning to move to p3d. I have windows 8.1 64-bit. Many people use 16gb Ram pc to run P3d. So if you have an idea if it will work on my pc please can you tell me?
  4. Hello everyone, I have the AS a320/21 X extended for fsx. The thing is that the a320 keeps crashing on my desktop. I think it is a problem of RAM. But 8gb Ram is enough to run the a320 as per the system requirements. Does anyone of you know what the problem is? Because i think i will have to upgrade 16gb of Ram to fly this plane I have 8gb of Ram on my computer
  5. Please can anyone help me on this it shows an error like this
  6. Hello. I updated my pmdg ops center v2.0 to v2.0.1 and now the ops center appears completely blank. I checked the PMDG forums for an answer but there seems to be none. When I read a topic on another forum on another site it said 'Do not install this update. If you do, it will disable the PMDG Operations Center 1.0. You cannot use the PMDG Operations Center 2.0 because it is a 64 bit program.'' Does anyone know how can i get my ops center working again. any help would be appreciated Thank You
  7. thanks it worked out perfectly fine
  8. thank you i will try and update you
  9. Hello i have the aerosoft bundle 318/319/320/321 i learned that we can import flight plans from simbrief to the airbus. but i couldnt find a way of how to . any help would me good thanks
  10. Hello,i have the aerosoft bundle of 318/319/320/321....there is fs2 crew included in it so i tries to open the main panel but i couldnt.....i researched and i found out a solution....but i noticed that in the aerosoft airbus configurator fs2 crew was disabled.I tried to enable it and it says that it is not properly installed or it might be a fsx registry problem. any help would be good thanks
  11. Hello,I have the aerosoft bundle of 318/319/320/321 .....i cant get to use the ground services like in this picture.i use fsx SE any help would be good.. thanks
  12. no problem.....Thanks for your help
  13. i will check it and let you know soon
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