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  1. Yeah, that marks a big step for MSFS as well, so I guess they'll announce it together. For sure there will be a news post from MS.
  2. I do understand that. I just asked because a real CRJ pilot is still the most reliable source of information in that regard. Maybe you can give us some basic info in the videos about takeoff, climb, landing, etc.
  3. @TheDude would you mind sharing a quick summary of your impression of the flight model?
  4. Beautifully said. Simming is a great way to do both - relax and learn.
  5. Those were the best. It was a great feeling to go home with one of those boxes. It had "special" written all over it.
  6. Give him all the time he needs. It's important to get the FM right IMO.
  7. Personally, I am fine with that as long as the rest is simulated well.
  8. Understandably. This marks an important step in MSFS' evolution as a promising platform. I am also excited like a child on christmas eve - checking the forums several times a day.
  9. If I didn't miss something, the FMC for sure is more realistic in the Aerosoft CRJ as it is custom made according to the real thing. Lot of addons in XP use the default FMC. For the rest we will have to see, but I expect the CRJ to be more realistic.
  10. Is there really any Feb date that wasn't mentioned multiple times? Maybe it's the March date after all.
  11. February 11th sounds reasonable given that they just wait for something (I heard something about flap simulation) to be implemented in the sim along with the update.
  12. OK, so I can do that as well. If you put 2 and 2 together, you get the month -> April. If you write them down next to each other, it's 22 -> 4/22. However, as Aerosoft is a german company - in Germany you say "put 1 and 1 together". So it'll be 2/11.
  13. Welcome to flight simming. This is a hobby that broadens your horizon and you're never done learning. Almost like in real aviation.
  14. It would cause a crack in spacetime. We don't want that to happen.
  15. I'm sorry but I might have missed that: Are you a beta tester for the Aerosoft CRJ? True, it's when you start figuring out where the things you know IRL are in the sim. That rarely happens with MSFS.
  16. One thing where MSFS probably excels over any other flight sim, is practising VFR. You can pick a route and familiarize with it in the sim before flying it IRL. In other sims you usually have very basic scenery, with streets, rivers and mountains where they belong, but the rest is procedurally generated. In other sims you would have to spend a lot of work, hard drive space and money and probably still won't get the same coverage. Another point that surprisingly gets overlooked all too often when talking about flight dynamics, is the weather simulation. A plane naturally interacts with air - and thus, with weather! MSFS does have a consistent model-approach. In other sims, the local conditions might match, but the behavior is far from believeable, with noticeable weather reloads once you enter different zones. It can happen that you are on approach in CAVOK conditions and then suddenly end up in a thick layer of fog. Or instant wind reloads on cruise altitude, which almost throw your plane over.
  17. I have similar experience, but if you read carefully, it doesn't contradict what I said. It can help a lot - but you don't learn how to fly an actual plane. There are things you just cannot simulate. But you can use this experience, to make your simulation as close to real as possible. It's your own responisbility. You can land a C172 with 120 knots, or you can do it how it would be advisable IRL.
  18. You don't learn to fly in a flight sim. You get a general idea. A feeling. That is so basic, that even FS5 was able to deliver it. It helped me a lot. But there's much more to it. Actually, MSFS does the best job so far to emulate the effect that weather has on your aircraft. Those gentle bumps and movements. However, you learn how to fly IRL. Then you take that experience and practise things in the sim.
  19. The FBW mod is not much worse than some 40$ addons for XP or P3D tbh.
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