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  1. Good day everyone. I am at my wits end! I have tried everyway but the right way to install the aerosoft CRJ 200 into xplane 11. It will not do anything like install I have unzipped into what I thought was Xplane but nothing. I am new to simulation and I am of an age! Below is as far as I can go. Looking forward too any help. Kind Regards Dave Kane
  2. good afternoon Heinz I did try 7zip but no luck. so I unzip then get this screen so will not allow me to go further. thankyou for your time. Regards David
  3. Hi all. I have recently bought Xplane 11 I have today paid for CRJ 200 from Aerosoft.i have downloaded it extracted files tried to open and it will not allow me to go further than that. consequently it is not in the list of planes in Xplane. Please help! Kind regards David Kane
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