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  1. Initially I had the same problem. It drove me crazy. Until a friend told me that my crazy settings for the initial pitch (DN-2.0) were something he never had. In the fuel tool there is a slider for the Center of Gravity. If you move that on the left side of it there is a percentage. That needs to be green. It will change colour, if you move the slider. Before takeoff I make sure in the PERF INIT page, that I set 1/UP0.8 (for example, but only values that are green) and that of course I set that take-off pitch and take off flaps before departure. At 1500 ft AGL I reduce thrust to CLB THR. Since I do that my take-offs are ok.
  2. After entering my flight plan I check the PROG page and the distance to the destination airport is wrong. It is too high. Obviously the FMC does not recognize the missed approach part of the flight plan and counts that in. Depending on the destination that can be a lot of miles (it was 40 nm in my case). Distance calculation for the destination of the flight should not include missed approach waypoints. If it is too bad I just delete the missed approach waypoints because I am not sure if the TOD calculation does take that into account (I did not investigate further). I am using the version of CRJ Professional with a CRJ-900.
  3. haseen, did you install the 2007 data from Navigraph yourself or was it preinstalled? I had some missing STARs at EDDF tonight and had installed AIRAC 2008 from Navigraph. However, the Navigraph FMS Downloader has a bug here: It does only install a part of the download to the correct directory (for me: P3D V5 Addons\Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5\Data The procedures are installed into P3D V5 Addons\Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data I checked the procedures for EDDF and they were there in the file in P3D V5 Addons\Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data but not in P3D V5 Addons\Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5\Data. So I simply copied the P3D V5 Addons\Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data into the P3D V5 Addons\Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5 directory and the procedures got also updated.
  4. Sorry for writing in German. It was late. I also got the JIT-Compiler error message on both systems. My old system and the new one. Yesterday I discovered that the livery installer which comes with the A320 Professional is version, but that there is a version since March. With the version which I downloaded from the forum here it is working. Still the question, why does the installer not have it? Would be a much nicer user experience. Regards, Greenie
  5. Ich hatte dasselbe Problem. Der Livery Installer, der mit dem A320 Professional (gegen Ende Juni) kam hat ebenfalls die Fehlermeldung mit dem JIT-Compiler angezeigt. Die Lösung habe ich nach endlosem Kampf jetzt gefunden. Wie oben auch im Screenshot zu sehen, wird / wurde die Livery Installer Version im Standard installiert. Nach Installation der Version, die ich hier im Forum gefunden habe und die bereits im März (!!!) veröffentlicht wurde, gibt es keinerlei Probleme. P.S. Aerosoft: Ihr schuldet mir eine Packung Herztropfen
  6. Mathijs, I can workaround and set the "standard" sound to a device of my pleasure, but in the first place that setting is something which should be either configurable in the aircraft or aircraft config files or - better - it should use the settings of the host application. At least that is what I would expect from an add-on to do. Can you put that on some "Wish List"? Best regards, Greenie
  7. Hi. I am using P3D V5 HF2 and A320 Professional 1.4.x It might be a very small issue, but I can not find the solution. I would expect the aircraft to use the sound settings from P3D, which I set for the game sound to my headset "game channel" (which is a separate Windows Audio Device) and the voice output to the "chat channel" (this is also in a separate Windows Audio Device) so I can conveniently keep the engine sound low and the voice sound higher, so I can understand, what is said. For the RAAS extension, I could also configure the sound to the "chat channel". But e.g. when landing the voice counting "1000 feet, 30, 20, 10" etc. is played on my speakers. They are also connected to a Windows Audio Device but that would be the "Speakers" Audio Device and not one of the configured P3D Audio Devices. How can I change this behaviour? Where can I set the output device for the cockpit voices? Regards, Greenie
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