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  1. Did you ever happen to be in a situation where not everything is under your control? If not, you re probably the luckiest person alive.
  2. @NJ_FlyerDid you bother reading the last 10 pages of this thread?
  3. Guys its easy, really. If Aerosoft decides they want to share something, they will, if they want to give us some extra insight, they will, if they don't then yea.. begging and asking is not going to help in any way because this is not kindergarden, it's bussines. I don't really understand the 'I dont really understand' comments on this thread. Things are like this because this is how they're supposed to be right now. What I got from this forum is that is likely to have a release sooner rather than later, we will have an amazing working and looking product, and behind the code we have some capable people who know what they are doing. Every reply to any comment is just an amazing bonus that we should appreciate. This should be more than sufficient for anyone who has any sense of patience. Enjoy your holidays!!
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