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  1. That is pure BS. JustFlight release on their update way before it gets on the marketplace. Sorry I am not buying it
  2. %appdata%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\aerosoft-crj That folder is empty and doesn't contain any lower case m file and I loaded both the CRJ 550/700. Set Throttle 1 and Throttle 2 axis. Completely uninstall the CRJ. Reinstall fresh. All of the workaround you have provide has resulted in nothing. I just want to point that out that maybe you haven't cover every scenario regarding throttle. I also even tried using Simconnect through SPAD.NEXT to set the throttle without any luck.
  3. This workaround doesn't for me at all. I set the same axis to Throttle 1 and Throttle 2. the EFB doesn't pick it up at all.
  4. I agree that with you 100% and I did read the manual. TYVM for asking. The fact that every single aircraft that ive tried in MSFS does follow the G/S pretty much without too much trouble is an indication that Aerosoft should be able to do the same.
  5. Aerosoft worked with Asobo on the SDK. They helped develop it. So it's the SDK is not adequate, they need to use their influence as a significant 3rd party developer and get the jobs done. Not only will it benefits their CRJ but all the other aircraft they are working on. The "user error" pointing finger game needs to stop. The answer we are looking for is " We are currently working with Asobo toward a fix". That's it.
  6. The flight sim community are not idiots either. I may not be an CRJ expert but I did fly at lot of different aircraft since the FSX days. I think by now I understand how a G/S is supposed to work. The CRJ just doesn't work the way it supposed to. That's just a fact. Aerosoft needs to swallow their pride and fix whatever is causing this. There is no need for this bickering of "user error". If I bring an aircraft at the right flight level , at the right angle, on LOC1 using the right NAV1 frequency, That i am on APPR, the plane should follow the G/S. That's not rocket science. Even the default Asobo aircraft does this better than the CRJ. This idea that it's Asobo's fault is ridiculous. I flew the 747-8 in KFJFK, I catch the G/S every single time. I expect the CRJ to be able to do the same.
  7. It's just so happen I was recording that day. If you think the only issue with the CRJ Glideslope is at ~1000ft AGL, than you haven't flown the CRJ enough. But yes, I will concede to you that my speed was a bit slow and it might of starting to descend but since many of us have been burn with the aircraft not doing what it should, you get a little bit quick on the trigger. I don't mind going back and doing this again to prove a point. The CRJ does have issue capturing properly the G/S. I'm not the one only reporting it. This has become a meme in the community. It's like russian roulette. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. I've done plenty of approach at VREF only to see the CRJ just ignore the G/S all together.
  8. With all due respect. VREF does not affect whether my aircraft can capture an glideslope or not. As far as the LNAV losing the plot is that this approach is supposed to an arc approach to PRIYES but I don't believe the CRJ support this. You can come here and point fingers at me, It doesn't explain how the CRJ did not capture the localizer even if I was in LOC1 and I had the right frequency and course setup. I am pretty sure that all the other error has no effect on that. Can I give you a bit of advice CRJay, I am sure you are a nice guy and you meant well but at a lot of flight simmer are just exactly like me. One of the biggest issue I come across in the flight sim community is people like you looking down at people like me. Of all the aircraft in MSFS, P3D or XP11 that I own. I never had issue capturing a glideslope except the CRJ. Even the Majestic Dash8 which has a very similar way of capturing glideslope, you go to Set the CRS and Frequency, Go to LOC1 , capture the glideslope and control the descent with throttle. I am not an expert. This video was not meant for expert. It was meant for people who just get started in flight sim. I picked a FP that was done by simbrief. JAMMIE5 was the approach for this runway. Even the 747-8, an Asobo default aircraft capture the glideslope every single time. So Aerosoft needs to stop blaming Asobo about the ILS capture abilities of the CRJ and fix it already. Even their Aerosoft A320 Pro works perfectly in P3D. So they know how make an aircraft that can do this. I am tired of hearing the BS of blaming user. Fix the darn aircraft.
  9. Let me submit this video as the definite proof that it's not an user operator issue but the aircraft itself. I was doing this tutorial to teach people how to do ILS approach properly in this aircraft. Not only did the AP skip a waypoint, I had to bring the plane back into the CRS. It never captured the ILS even if I had the proper configuration.
  10. Yes. I got it all solved with SPAD.NEXT beta branch and the proper LVARS values.
  11. I'll just wait for the next SPAD version I guess. I couldn't find any profile that worked and I am not advanced enough to do the LVARS way.
  12. Can someone please build a profile for the CRJ 550 and the Logitech Multipanel. (I am using SPAD.NEXT)
  13. I am trying to change AutoPilot Altitude using AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE LOCK VAR in Simconnect to no effect. I tried all AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE LOC values available and I am unable to affect the CRJ 550. This is for my Logitech Multipanel Altitude dial with SPAD.Next. Is this a SDK limitation or some custom code ? I am able to control any aircraft except the CRJ. Thanks
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