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  1. Thanks. I wonder why Aerosoft doesn't update this addon to newer standards, as it seems they are the only one who developed this airport. A holiday island in the Indian ocean would make for a nice addon, especially a sought-after one, both in virtual and real life. Orbx seems to be doing nice with developing unknown / small airports. A question though: by very outdated, does this mean I will get missing runways / parking spots while using Navigraph?
  2. Greetings. I would like to purchase the Aerosoft Maldives X airport (FSX-only compatible) and to try to install it in Prepar3D v4/v5. Can anyone recommend a method to successfully install this scenery in Prepar3D v4/v5? I read an Avsim post where someone recommended to create a fake fsx.exe (from notepad) inside the desired installation folder in order to force the installation in P3D v4 addons folder, but I find it risky, especially since I have to pay upfront for this addon (and if unsuccessful, I lose the money). Can Aerosoft offer an install method or a guarantee that this scen
  3. I had the same issue with the missing wav file twice, on 2 different machines with different W10 installations (of course the addons were updated with the Aerosoft update app from kit v1.31). Given that I had the same issue twice I think it makes sense to assume that the fresh install / reinstall solution makes no sense. Initially I duplicated the "ASC_PF_on" file and appended "Auto" to it; the second time I used the file posted here on this forum, problem solved. Thank you for the file. I recommend Aerosoft to look into this issue, it must be the update which breaks / deletes the file.
  4. Since Navigraph acquired Simbrief as per their 31st of March official disclosure, I think it is safe to assume that this project will get discontinued / cancelled by Simbrief/Navigraph. I mean, I see no reason why Navigraph would allow Simbrief AIRAC update from one of their competitors, now that Simbrief is their official owned product. Of course, time will tell, I may be wrong. https://blog.navigraph.com/post/647197147182333952/navigraph-acquires-simbrief#:~:text=Navigraph%2C the flight simulation community's,most popular flight planning software.&text=SimBrief's flight plann
  5. Hello, Even though this thread is a little older, I feel I must post here my solution as I was experiencing the same issue like the OP had. I read the solutions laid out here and I consider they are not relevant from my point of view. My problem was, as follows: I had the same popping / cracking noise in the Aerosoft A320 cockpit as initially mentioned in this thread; the issue was the same for the other family models A321, 318, 319. I don't own yet the A330 model, but I assume the same issue might apply also to that addon. The sound popping / cracking noise appears onl
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