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  1. Hello Hans, There is several, but they are not airliners, some small GA aircraft from Just-flight, A2A ( c172 and piper cub ), lionheart Zenith, the Ants tigermoth pro, aeroplane heaven did some too... I'm not comparing those light aircraft with airliners, I know they are not as complex, but for example, there is no performance difference between the A2A with PBR and those without, and comparing to other aircraft of their range, I really don't think there is any proof that the PBR have a performance impact. Thanks for investigating the issue. Best, M
  2. Hello Bernd, I don't have the a330 but I do have other aircrafts that are full PBR, never really notice a performance difference between them and those wich doesn't use PBR material. Anyway, at this state I've asked for a contract retractation with aerosoft, I cannot use this aircraft with those kind of performances issues. Best,
  3. No idea, why would that be fine with the airbus ( even with side display on ) and not with the CRJ on the same config?
  4. Hello Hans, I've just gave a try with disabled side displays, with the same settings and same location of my first screenshots, and unfortunately this is still the same, fps are pulsating between 16 to 40 fps continuously.
  5. Hello Hans, I was about to raise the ticket, so ok but I'm not sure I understand your position here : are you telling me there is no way to get help about this issue with the CRJ ? Or does that mean it will be somehow investigate to identify the issue and hopefully find a way to fix it? Thanks for your answer, Best, M
  6. Hello mopperle, Well, Hans Hartmann told us that he sees minor differences on his config, admitting he has a powerfull PC, but since that it appears that I'm not the only one experiencing that with some config that should be more than enough to run the CRJ, so yes I was expecting a little more than " I don't see the problem on my config" and I will raise a ticket if it's really needed, but I thought the purpose of the support forum was to get some help with the issues we can meet, didn't thought I needed to open a support ticket in addition...
  7. Thanks for reporting Pete, I hope someone from aerosoft will see this thread and we can get a solution about this...
  8. Hello, Thanks Gerhard/Kolman for reporting the same issue, A_Pilot, I've mentionned the versions of P3d I'm using in the first post, my config is GPU 1070 TI 8GO VRAM, 48 GO ram, windows 10 v2004, SSD 2TO and CPU Ryzen 5 1600X. I have posted two screenshots with exact same settings of the Aerosoft CRJ pro and Airbus a319-318 pro, it shows the problem, as Gerhard said, I have more than 20% of Fps hit between the two aircrafts, and it's even more than 50% in my case, plus with the CRJ it's not even smooth at this framerate while I got smooth framerate with the airbus with more than 50% fps more, I think there is nothing wrong with my settings and I've actually played with it to try different combination that could help with the CRJ, but nothing helped so far, it runs bad even with very low settings. I have a lot of aircraft addons, and this is the only one I have fps issues with. This is definitely not what I call "FPS friendly"... I've made some other test yesterday with different combination, with EA weather, without, and the bigest issue with the CRJ is what mentionned Gerhard, not only the fps can be low compare to other aircraft of his range but the fps are pulsating, it can go from 15 to 30 in an airport, and then from 16 to 60 during cruise with unlimited framerate ( never seen anything like that before! ), but it's doing this pulsation almost every second, so when you try to pan, it's stuttering a lot. I've tried it with limited framerate also, and the problem is still here. Also tried it without chaseplane, and didn't solved it. My PC spec are not that bad, I can run complex sceneries ( like ORBX true Earth ) with complex airports and study level aircraft at a smooth 30 fps with EA enabled and almost maxed out autogen in v5, so I wasn't expected at all such bad performances from an aerosoft aircraft, I had only good experiences with the bus before... Best, M
  9. Hello, I was waiting an occasion to get this aircraft since a long time so I've just bought the CRJ pro for P3D, my PC spec reach the recommended, but while it's claimed to be "VAS and FPS friendly ", it has pretty bad fps on my config. Compare to the aerosoft airbus a319-318 pro, I get about half of the fps I have with the airbus in the VC, wich make something from about 30 to 40 fps in the airbus, and it goes from 15 to 25 fps in the CRJ with a lot of sutters. Something weird is, usually I get much better performances in p3dv5 compare to the v4.5, but here, performances are bad in both... For now I'm pretty disappointed, because these performances are pretty much keeping me from enjoying the experience and using this aircraft. I hope there is an issue here, and it's not the expected performances : I was thinking that the promised "FPS friendly" would be at least as good we can have with the aerosoft airbus pro serie. Best, M These two screenshots are taken in p3dv4.5 HF3 with same settings at about the same place ( I've just changed vehicule right after I've took the first screenshot with the CRJ to take the A318) and here you can see the huge difference of the FPS : 15 in the CRJ vs 44 in the a319. That show pretty well how critical the problem is.
  10. Hello, I succeed to install the Holgi liveries into p3dv4, but not into p3dv5, the liveries are all specified into correctly into the aircraft.cfg ( I've already installed liveries manually by editing the aircraft.cfg for other aircrafts and I've seen nothing wrong so far ) but it doesn't show any of the freshly installed liveries into the p3dv5 menu...So I don't understand what is going on with it. Best!
  11. Hello Mathijs, Thanks for the details and warning us about the v5hf1 and the airbus pro series. Can you tell when the installers will be updated at the resellers like justflight? Best!
  12. Hello Julien, Thanks but I've bought it via Just Flight, so the download available on my space there is still v4 until now...
  13. Hello, How is it about the a318-319 for the v5, is it released today like the a320? Best M
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