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  1. My 1st flight was from KJFK - KBOS. After arriving at the parking position I wanted to do the next flight from KBOS to KORD. I created the flight plan in Simbrief and generated the flight plan.

    When I tryto load the new flightplan to SAM I always get the message "Local departure airport [KJFK] is different than the server's respond [KBOS]. "Reset Flight" is greyed out.

    The only way is to reload the aircraft

  2. I try to setup the knob INC/DEC on the Bravo for the SSG B747 but without success. 

    For example, I use SSG/UFMC/Alt_UP and SSG/UFMC/ALT_Down as variables for the Altitude. I have taken these variables from "Keyboard / SSG / UFMC" but they don't work. Also the variables for HDG, VS, CRS and IAS.

    Does anyone have a tip how to set up INC/DEC for the SSG B747?

  3. vor 20 Stunden , BenBaron sagte:

    Great you've found something there. And of course: you cannot use the same profile for every plane. Basically every plane needs its own profile, especially the more advanced and thus less default it is.

    I added the conditions (with or) for the Toliss planes to the Default profile (which works for all my other planes) so now I have one profile which works for all planes-except the SSGB747 where I haven't found the values for the selector.

  4. I search the web for a solution but without success. I own the Tolliss A319/A320 and A340. Bravo is working fine, all knobs are working (even VS Inc and Dec after changing the sim/autopilot/nose_down / up to sim/autopilot/altitude_down / up)

    The only thing I can't bring to live are the Autopilot LEDs. They work with all other planes, but not with the Toliss. LED-Mode seems to be correct




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