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  1. Okay it seems that all files are in place. add-ons.cfg is in the P3DV4 drive which is in LM which is in ProgramData. But the problem is sitll occuring.
  2. Also it seems that my ProgramData is missing from my C drive. Any way to fix this?
  3. Thanks for trying to help, Rhett. But the problem is that I am not using Lorby's Addon Organiser although am still having the issue. Any thoughts on this?
  4. Thank you for your explanation, though me as a new simmer, could you please elaborate on what you mean by "addon entries" and package entries?
  5. I'm not using LOA (lorby's addon organiser) but I'm still having the problem for some reason. Also, I could download it but I don't understand too much of what Rhett said tbh.
  6. After playing around a bit, I realise that my elevators are making random inputs up and down.
  7. Also, can someone explain me the pitch and roll stability and aileron, rudder and elevator effectiveness in the aircraft.cfg?
  8. It seems I fixed most of the problems. The fps drop is gone and the shaking is now at a point where it is now playable, but not fully enjoyable. I did this by adding some virtual ram.
  9. Lockheed MartinĀ® Prepar3DĀ® v4 2020-05-29 16-55-52.mp4 This has reduced a bit, but this shaking still persists. You can see I am not moving my mouse yoke at all. The sound flickering is a problem with my recording system.
  10. I probably forgot my license key when I bought it in mid-2019 or so, oof. Anyway I can fix this other than upgrading my P3D? Probably running the first version of the a330 though
  11. Also I'd like to point out the framerate drops at the shaking when I am in the VC. When I'm in the outside view, the framerate increases but the shaking still persists.
  12. 1 - Framerate would be around 10 or 15 fps when that happens as you saw in that video. 2 - Nope. 3 - Hardware -------- CPU AMD A12-9720P RADEON R7, 12 COMPUTE CORES 4C+8G GPU AMD Radeon R7 Graphics (1920 x 1080 x 4294967296 colors) GPU Driver 26.20.11022.8001 RAM 8GB @ 1866MHz Microsoft Windows ----------------- Windows 10 Post April 2020 (2004) Update 64-bit User Profile and Document Folders --------------------------------- User Profile Location: Environment.GetFolderPath = C:\Users\dhars Volatile Environment\USERPROFILE = C:\Users\dhars
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