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  1. haha yeah i just stumbled upon it just now as well. silly me. at least i can have peace of mind now that i'm flying a well and updated modeled a320 aircraft. thanks so much for the prompt response mate!
  2. oh pretty cool! thanks so much for that photo! so i'm assuming the sim I used for my rating was an older model... also, is it just me, but the PFD in the A320/A330 Professional (the latest updates) also doesn't have the LDEV indicator at the the bottom?
  3. so both are correct and valid? and that this applies to the A320 as well?
  4. Hi, I've recently availed of your product and am currently a type-rated A320 pilot. I'd just like to ask why the "yo-yo" or the magenta donut indicating VDEV as well as the actual VDEV that shows when you arm the approach on the FCU are both showing green instead of the standard magenta? Am I missing any setting or will you be updating this? You seem to have updated the aircraft lots of time already so I'm assuming that this was intentional and not an oversight. Would appreciate your feedback. Cheers
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