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  1. I am using version of Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional on Prepar3D Version running on Windows 10 Version 1909. I am unable to load any cargo via the LOAD AND FUEL Settings MCDU. The LOAD CARGO option is greyed out and the FRONT CARGO and AFT CARGO labels flash orange when OPEN. I go to the Settings MCDU click LSK5L for LOAD/FUEL, I see the START BOARDING and LOAD FUEL are orange, but LOAD CARGO is grey. When I go to ACFT DOORS and open the FRONT CARGO and AFT CARGO they flash orange. My parking break is set, TRAFFIC CONES and WHEEL CHOCKS are SET, I am CONNECTED to EXT.POWER GPU and GSX SERVICES is set to NO I have waited until all passengers and fuel have loaded and the BOARDING and FUEL labels are green, but CARGO remains greyed out. LOAD INSTANT will load the CARGO, but the option remains greyed out.
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