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  1. yes i did this twice to test actually, like i said my fps was gradually getting worse throughout the flight, it was from VHHH to RKSI, i was above taiwan when it happened both times, the second time it happened in the exact same place on a different day (not the same weather) then when i reached korea it once again dropped to unusable levels so i ended up just quitting there that time, i have not tried again since HF2 is out but if i do i will let you know exact time was june 7th around 1am but like i said it didnt seem to matter as far as i could see
  2. it wasnt complex, it was calm
  3. No this was basically just cloudy and yes i was! thanks for the responce
  4. So i had been noticing in my airbus a330 in prepar3d v5 that as the flight went on the fps was gradually getting worse until it became unusable and i was wracking my brain trying to figure out the cause when the weather, (ASP3D) reloaded and the FPS dipped even further, i decided to turn of my WX and suddenly my FPS was back to normal, here is a video providing evidence of this (my FPS is in the top right although you dont exaclty need it to see the difference). I assume this is something to do with either enhanced atmospherics or the new version of active sky being used; if you could address this in a patch then that would be great, thanks! zpfp4v.mp4
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