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  1. Guten Abend Zusammen! Mein Bildschirm blinkt und wechselt die Farben, wenn ich bspw. in P3DV5 im A330 mit der Maus auf einen Ausdruck aus dem Cockpit-Drucker gehe (Video anbei). Das Problem tritt auch bei manchen Knöpfen auf dem Overhead auf und auch in P3DV4 im A320 beim Klicken im Aerosoft-Menü in der MCDU. Ist das normal / bekannt und kann man das abstellen? Viele Grüße! IMG_6319.MOV
  2. Guten Abend Zusammen! Seit ich P3DV5 und den AS A330 installiert habe, bekomme ich beim Wechsel aus dem oder in den Vollbildmodus in P3D die Fehlermeldung DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG (Bild anbei). Einmal kam die Meldung, als ich auf dem EFB auf Charts geklickt habe. Die Anleitung hier hat leider nicht geholfen: Die Grafikkarte sollte ok sein, da recht neu und ich das Problem in P3DV4 nicht hatte. Danke schon mal für Eure Unterstützung!
  3. Could someone please check if there is ususally a A330 Step by Step Guide in the documentation folder of the Airbus? Thanks a lot.
  4. Thanks guys. I know there is a lot of documentation coming with the Airbus, but it will take some time to work through it. I was just wondering why there is no Step by Step Manual in the A330 documentation folder. I have already reinstalled the A330 today but its still not there. I have documents beginning wth Vol1-5 and then Vol 7-9, but Vol6 is missing. Is that normal? Regards
  5. Many thanks, G Sproson. This is very helpful. How can I actively choose / switch among V/S, DES and Open DES? And what is the source of the second part of the answer? I would like to read more about the Airbus.
  6. Good evening everybody! Probably its a basic question for most of you but I need to understand this as a beginner. When I am in the cruise flight and need to set the descent altitude of the autopilot shortly before top of descent, which altitude do I set? Is it the next constraint or is it the altitude where the ILS glide slope interseption will happen? And if it is the glide slope interseption altitude, how does the Airbus know, at which rate it has to descent in order to be at the right time on the right altitude to catch the ILS glide slope?
  7. Thanks, masterhawk! I'll check in the evening and get back if the problem persists.
  8. Good evening everybody! A couple of days ago, I switched from FSX / Aerosoft A320 to P3DV4 / A320 Professional. Unfortunately, in the A320 Professional, I do not see T/C and T/D in my flight plan in the MCDU whereas in FSX, it was always there. ADIRS are set to NAV, IRS has been aligned via IRS Init —> Align on REF —> Confirm align. Where is my mistake? Happy to share more information, if needed. Thank you for your support.
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