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  1. I have ran a programme that has said this however like you say I have no idea how to fix this and for paying over £20 for the scenery it’s not something I expected I’d need to do! Hopefully someone will have a solution for it
  2. Hi, Sorry to ask this topic again however I have tried and tried to come up with a soluation how to resolve the issue of the AI traffic holding short at the wrong place and not then getting clearance to take off causing a huge back log of AI taffic. I am not savvy with programmes to alter the files etc. so does anyone know of a solution on here how to fix this please? It is also not working if i remove Alpha India traffic and just use the P3D original traffic so I'm assuming it is an error with the add on itself. Thanks in advance, Best Regards
  3. Hi, I have also just downloaded Newcastle X for P3Dv4 and also having issues with AI traffic holding in wrong positions etc. Is there a fix for this please? I have searched everywhere and cannot find any resolutions to this problem which is clearly quite common, Regards
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