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  1. Hey so could I request for consideration the increase in brightness of the taxi and takeoff lights vsny actually see the taxiway at night thanks
  2. Got it perfect!!!!!!!!! Nice one I have been critical however this is awesome now!
  3. apprears to be third party scenery casing it, just had a perfect flight in to default scenery
  4. Dive to capture it not keep going till it hit the floor
  5. NO i get it now, its an asobo issue - I didnt realise you hadnt written your own custom AP That is the issue I take back my comments I am still disapointed, this is not flyable until you have your own AP
  6. Oh just reading you dont have your own AP Your using asobo There is your issue then - suprised you realsed this using Asobo AP - it doesnt work
  7. Can you answer my question instead of closing the topic I work with the FBW team and can assure you this isnt a problem with the SIM, you didnt acknowedge anything I said other than read the FAQ In 1000 hours I have never had this one, but I get it everythime on the CRJ - that isnt the SIM that is the aircraft I have spent £50 on something the working title does for free at the moment, better! Please dont just close the thread, please provide your thoughts
  8. So i am reading this is the SIM but why does this only happen on the CRJ, I have just done EGPE tp EGGW, once esablished on RW25 it nose dived, I have it on video I do he same approach everytime in the CJ4 and the FBW and never once has this happemed, how is it the SIM? Happy to upload and share the video Also I had set 3000 to esablish and the aircraft didnt capture the alt and carried on, also on video
  9. This will be the issue then, dropping the speed and cant get it back, i need to watch for that then, thanks
  10. Hey Love this so far but one issue I was crusing at fl370 at mach 0.74 then from nowhere my speed stopped though the n2 was still at 80% The aircraft pitched up and stalled, what did i do wrong? Simon
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