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  1. Really getting frustrated here and as I have read through the forum quite a lot I dont expect any help here - but maybe it is something to take into account... in general i really like the A330 but the aircraft is so instable. Today after a 4.5 hrs long range flight without any inputs, in calm weather another CTD. This time in the windows event viewer not even an entry... Last time it was always the warp.dll issue that is also mentioned in these forums here a lot. I already diselected the ECAM rendering option, I tried to reinstall everything new from scratch (whole p3d v4 installation including all scenery and all aircrafts which takes days)... still... it occurs. The aerosoft plane is the only one where I experience that issue (both on the A330 and on the A320/321) and it really takes away the fun from playing the sim at all... If it really would be down to Microsoft or other third party vendors this CTD issue should happen with other aircraft as well. Also - my friend had exactly the same issue on his p3d v4.5 installation as I had today (occurance last week)- long range flight with the A330 (plane didnt level off at cruize alt., ap had to be deselected and everything (even athr) re-engaged and four hrs later in cruize he got a ctd... as I said - dont expect much help here as in the other posts its always pointed to another third party softwareissue which I dont believe in any longer... just for your information that there are quite some issues out there with these aircraft :(.
  2. having the same problem with Google Chrome. Problem started in Oktober or November I think. Now also on Firefox (on a Win10 PC, latest version) no pictures. Funy enough on my Macbook pro with Safari I see all pictures (same network).
  3. just a short notice: I am getting exactly the same issue - so I dont think anymore it is connected to HW effects. I tsays that there was a problem with the d3d10warp.dll like the issue mentioned in April and happens for both, die A330 as well as the A320/321. It mostly happens after around 1:30 of flying - crashing directly to desktop without error message. Activs Sky & Active Skye cloud arts is used as well. I deleted the whole sim now and currently setting up completely new -> will come back if I experience it again but in general I dont think its an issue related to HW problems nor it that it will be solved by microsoft (which was suggest in the April-thread in the .dll file) as more and more users seem to face it with the Aerosoft Airbus Professionell series :(.
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