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  1. Hi, On the MCDU APPR PERF page the transition level can be entered. In the A320 series this entry is called TRANS FL, but on the A330 it's called TRANS ALT. Is this also the case real life, or is this a minor mistake? Regards, Stefan
  2. Hi, When I click either red button to open the protective cover, the green one opens. Strange?! Stefan
  3. Hi, Thanks for your answer. I'm not able to recreate it as it seems to happen at random, but also very seldom. I don't have a video of it (yet), unfortunately. Stefan
  4. The only other add-on I have that uses TrueGlass is the Maddog, and I had the same issue there. For me the CTDs happened at any time, also during clear skies. As far as I know TFDi is aware of the problem but they haven't been able to solve it yet.
  5. I also used to have an immediate DXGI DEVICE HUNG error. The culprit turned to be TrueGlass. Removing the TrueGlass.dll from the P3D v5 gauges folder solved the problem. Hope it helps for you too.
  6. Hi Hans, FP: NORBO Y96 TLA DCT SAB L983 SURAT UM869 GOREV M869 EVAKI T55 TESPI. FL390 was my initial level, the CRJ made up FL370.
  7. Hi, I've had two instances in which I got an extreme accelaration during the take-off roll in my A320 Pro in P3D5. In a few seconds the aircraft accelarated to about 800 knots (eight hundred indeed :)), and after getting airborne the situation reverted back to normal quite fast. I have no idea what may have caused this, and it happened at two different airports. Stefan
  8. Hi, A few days ago I got a strange VNAV issue. My initial cruising level was FL390, and later FL410. However, from the beginning my legs page was of the opinion that my cruise level was FL370 and the MDF data on the ND showed a CLIMB FL120 instruction during the descent. Stefan
  9. Thanks so much, totally missed that one. Regards!
  10. Hi, How do I turn on/off the center overhead light? When loading the cold and dark set-up the light is off, when loading the turnaround state it is on. So I guess there must be a switch, but I can't find it :). Stefan
  11. The settings were a bit different, but I can't spot any difference when changing them with regard to this issue. Im not using any non-default shaders.
  12. Hi, I noticed that during night time the outside of the aircraft is very dark, almost indescirnible. My simulator is P3D v5 HF2. A few screenshots to illustrate: The aircraft complete turned off and darK: In comparison the CRJ Pro, where even with all lights off much more can be seen: Turning on the lights does not really make much of a difference: Is it supposed to be this way (without any light showing from the cabin)? In this screenshot from the product page the aircraft seems more bright. Best regards
  13. Hi, I've just updated my AIRAC cycle for the CRJ Pro for P3D v5. In my Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5\Data\NavData folder, all files show a latest modified date of 30 June (seems okay to me), but the cycle_info.txt reads as follows: AIRAC cycle : 1912 Revision : 1 Valid (from/to): 07/NOV/2019 - 04/DEC/2019 The FMS also says I'm on AIRAC 1912, but I quess that info comes from cycle_info.txt too. I quess it's just a small mistake? Stefan
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