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  1. Hi Oliver, Thanks for your answer, and your fix solves the problem! I am on version by the way. Stefan
  2. Hi, The vehicles which are driving around Berlin Brandenburg airport (for example the push-back truck in my screenshot) seem to have very low resolution textures. Is this how it should be? The vehicles on other AS airports are of much higher quality. I'm running P3D v5.1. Stefan
  3. Hi Dave, I had not, as I used this command for Chaseplane. Reassigning it to its original function however makes it possible to switch on the cabin lights! Perhaps this should be added to one of the manuals. Stefan
  4. I'd say the transition level has to be entered, as it is determined by ATC (or sometimes it is a fixed level). The in-built checklist function also uses the value you enter on the APPR page as the transition level. So it remains unclear why the MCDU says ALT instead of FL.
  5. Hi, I've done many flights in A320 (in P3D 5.0 and 5.1), but I've never seen the cabin lights switch on, giving me the impression they weren't even modeled. However, today I found out that after loading the A330 and then switching to the A320 the cabin lights did switch on. When loading the A320 directly from the create-a-flight-menu they never turn on during the entire flight. Are they supposed to switch on automatically, or is there a keyboard command? Screenshow below: GPU connected, cockpit all set-up, but no cabin lights. Regards, Ste
  6. Hi, On the MCDU APPR PERF page the transition level can be entered. In the A320 series this entry is called TRANS FL, but on the A330 it's called TRANS ALT. Is this also the case real life, or is this a minor mistake? Regards, Stefan
  7. Hi, When I click either red button to open the protective cover, the green one opens. Strange?! Stefan
  8. Hi, Thanks for your answer. I'm not able to recreate it as it seems to happen at random, but also very seldom. I don't have a video of it (yet), unfortunately. Stefan
  9. The only other add-on I have that uses TrueGlass is the Maddog, and I had the same issue there. For me the CTDs happened at any time, also during clear skies. As far as I know TFDi is aware of the problem but they haven't been able to solve it yet.
  10. I also used to have an immediate DXGI DEVICE HUNG error. The culprit turned to be TrueGlass. Removing the TrueGlass.dll from the P3D v5 gauges folder solved the problem. Hope it helps for you too.
  11. Hi Hans, FP: NORBO Y96 TLA DCT SAB L983 SURAT UM869 GOREV M869 EVAKI T55 TESPI. FL390 was my initial level, the CRJ made up FL370.
  12. Hi, I've had two instances in which I got an extreme accelaration during the take-off roll in my A320 Pro in P3D5. In a few seconds the aircraft accelarated to about 800 knots (eight hundred indeed :)), and after getting airborne the situation reverted back to normal quite fast. I have no idea what may have caused this, and it happened at two different airports. Stefan
  13. Hi, A few days ago I got a strange VNAV issue. My initial cruising level was FL390, and later FL410. However, from the beginning my legs page was of the opinion that my cruise level was FL370 and the MDF data on the ND showed a CLIMB FL120 instruction during the descent. Stefan
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