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  1. The settings were a bit different, but I can't spot any difference when changing them with regard to this issue. Im not using any non-default shaders.
  2. Hi, I noticed that during night time the outside of the aircraft is very dark, almost indescirnible. My simulator is P3D v5 HF2. A few screenshots to illustrate: The aircraft complete turned off and darK: In comparison the CRJ Pro, where even with all lights off much more can be seen: Turning on the lights does not really make much of a difference: Is it supposed to be this way (without any light showing from the cabin)? In this screenshot from the product page the aircraft seems more bright. Best regards, Stefan
  3. Hi, I've just updated my AIRAC cycle for the CRJ Pro for P3D v5. In my Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5\Data\NavData folder, all files show a latest modified date of 30 June (seems okay to me), but the cycle_info.txt reads as follows: AIRAC cycle : 1912 Revision : 1 Valid (from/to): 07/NOV/2019 - 04/DEC/2019 The FMS also says I'm on AIRAC 1912, but I quess that info comes from cycle_info.txt too. I quess it's just a small mistake? Stefan
  4. Hi, Every time after loading the Maddog from Leonardo, my CRJ is frozen. Using the file provided by Hans, the CRJ works fine again, but it's a bit annoying ;). Stefan
  5. Hi Hans, First al all: great work for releasing SP1, it's definitely an improvement! Today I did a flight from Southampton to Schiphol, and although my aircraft was shown correctly on the charts for Southampton, there was an offset again for the Schiphol charts, just like in the old situation. Stefan
  6. Hi all, Not sure if this a bug or Im doing something wrong :). Yesterday I was on my cruise level (which had also been entered in the FMS) direct INKAM. I added a descent contraint of FL130 in the FMS, but on the ND this resulted in a climb instruction. Any thoughts?
  7. Hi embraceentropy, I had the same problem as you do, without using any shader enhancement program whatsoever and HDR turned on. However, in some topic on this forum, I found that you can find additional cockpit textures in the "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data\Texture Options" folder. I used these to replace the original textures, and guess what: it worked! Strangely enough, this solution isn't mentioned in any manual. The cockpit is still a bit darker than the ones I have in my other planes, but it's a huge improvement. Hope this helps for you too.
  8. Okay, that's good to hear :-).
  9. Hi Hans, Thanks for your answer. As a matter of fact, I did copy the performance data to the FMS. In both screenshots, there are 50 passengers, 900 kgs of cargo and 2200 kgs of fuel. However, in the EFB this yields a ZFW of 25848 kgs, and the FMS comes up with 25386 kgs. It's only a difference of about 500 kgs, but shouldn't these two values be identical? Stefan
  10. Hi all, I noticed on all my flights that there is a difference of about 500 kgs between the ZFW indicated by the EFB and the one indicated by the FMS. The one in the FMS corresponds with my PFPX calculations. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Stefan
  11. You also need to turn the weather radar on on the (lower) pedestal. Did you do that?
  12. Hi Hans et all, Using the CRJ Pro v2.0.0.3 on Windows 10 in P3D v4.5, my location is not displayed right on the EFB charts provided by NDP. This happens all the time and at all locations. Sometimes it even shows me flying backwards :). Here I'm still at the gate at Schiphol: As you can see, Im perfectly aligned on the SID, but the chart shows otherwise: Side question: is the cockpit supposed to be this dark? Especially the overhead panel is hard to use/read, even during daylight. Best regards, Stefan
  13. Hi all, I'd love to see a Nordica livery for the CRJ700 Pro. Stefan
  14. Disregard, just found out that I have to go to the options page... Feel free to delete this topic.
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