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  1. Heinz, Thank you for your quick reply. Disappointed, I am, about the C152 not working with X Plane 11. Yes, you are correct. I did as you directed and of course the program did not work. Admittedly, I did not look at the requirements closely enough to see that it was not compatible with X Plane 11. My bad there. Is there a chance of getting a refund? Is there a C152 program that is compatible with X Plane 11? Thank You Tom
  2. Hi, I don't want to appear like a total bimbo but I did search though the documentation when I purchased and downloaded Corenado C152 for X Plane 11. Not a bit of information as to how to install it. In the past I did install Simvim as a plugin and I expect that the same procedure will be required with the C152 software. Simvim worked fine but there was documentation. Can someone point me to the install documentation? I did put the extracted corenado c152 directory in the Xplane/resources/plugins directory but when starting Xplane under plugins I did not see any. Thank You Tom
  3. I purchased the C152 simulator with the understanding that I could install it with X Plane 11. I don't know how I did it but the C152 simulator that I actually purchased was C152 (FSX/P3D) instead. Can I cancel the license for the one that I purchased and download the correct one for X Plane 11 instead? Thank You Tom
  4. Hi, This is my first post to this discussion group. Hopefully this post is not too elementary. I own X Plane 11 and I am a student pilot learning on a Cessna 152. I just wanted to know if the C152 addons from Aerosoft are fully compatible with X Plane, before I purchase. That is all. Thank You Tom
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