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  1. Hello everyone. I had the aerosoft airbus install and few days earlier i uninstalled it. I installed it again but of course it is with Airac 1511 i think. Before i uninstall it i had installed the airacs 2014 which they worked, once i moved the airacs folders onto PROC and navdatapro. Now i tried to to the same but i cant find them in my Airbus_fallback folder. Should i delete the old navdatapro file and re install the new airacs? Can you also please tell me the correct path of navigraph installation? thanks
  2. thanks for the instant reply!!!
  3. I can do this by Steam i know but how should i move the files and the addons to my D hardrive after the re-install?
  4. Hello everyone. I run FSX:SE and i also have the aerosoft airbus in it. As always all the FSX files are located on the C hardrive. But my c drive is full and i dont have enough space to buy other aiplanes or sceneries. I wanted to ask if i can move the whole FSX files and the aerosoft files into other hardrive, for instance on D, and run the simulator and the aircaft properly. Any replies and advices are appreciated Thanks.
  5. Hello. Is there any normal A320neo checklist available to download as an pdf. file?
  6. Hello. Is there any normal A320neo checklist available to download?
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