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  1. They are handles on the glass. Well, I feel foolish. Thanks for explaining that one.
  2. This is only visible when looking outside. Does anyone know what this is and why is it there? Thanks.
  3. You know what? I just got it to work with your help! Looks like when I go Start\aerosoft - Antarctica X\Right Click Config Tool\more\Run as administrator all the same behavior as before occurs but the changes now take effect. That was hard. I am the only person using this computer. Who is this "administrator" and why so many difficulties with him??
  4. The file date of AntarcticaX.exe is 10/09/2017. The error message is in German, "Konnte Daten fur 'Season' nicht setzen". I had the same result with Admin rights as well.
  5. Hello, Another configurator problem. I get the usual error message after I change the configuration, but there is no effect in the scenery. When I reopen the configurator the settings are the same as they were before I tried to change them. I cannot see NZPG in the airport list and when I check the files in the Antarctica X/Scenery folder the relevant files have .off endings. I guess this means that they are not displayed based on the season setting in the configurator which I cannot seem to change. I have the latest version of the configurator. How do I get this scenery to work properly? I don't mind changing this manually but I don't know how to do that. Thanks.
  6. I’m sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. In my original post my problem was that my control does not work to control forward thrust on Aerosoft A330 WITH FSUIPC, only the reverse thrust function of my control (TQ6) works. This is only the case with Aerosoft Airbuses. If I disable FSUIPC in Add-ons in P3D then my control works fine but does not activate reverse thrust. I’m just trying to determine if this is proper behavior with your airplanes since you don’t advice using FSUIPC. Thanks.
  7. I did try that. I know that you don’t support FSUIPC but it’s the only way that I can get full functionality with other aircraft and this particular control. If I set it up through P3D settings and disable FSUIPC the TQ6+ works fine to control the thrust but the reverse detent on the control can’t be made to activate reverse on the Aerosoft and I have to use a keyboard button for that. For full functionality of their control VirtualFly recommends either their app or FSUIPC to set it up and not the P3D settings. I’m trying to avoid disabling FSUIPC to fly the Aerosoft Airbus. Any way around this?
  8. A330 pro and A319 pro go into reverse properly with the VirtualFly TQ6+ throttle control but increasing thrust they do not move. VirtualFly does not recommend setting up their control through the P3D settings (doesn't work) and using their control app does not work. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks.
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