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  1. Thanks so much Andy, I understand that its the same for Malaga airport (LEMG) or any other airport addon. The jetways, marshalls and jetways should all work just installing the SAM2 software. Best regards,
  2. Hello, I bought "Airport Malaga XP" and got for free as a promo "Airport Manchester XP11" on Aerosoft website shop, but my orders/download page says "no serial number is required" which I found weird. Then I followed the instructions found in the Documentation folder of the airport scenery. It says: ¨ In order for the animations to work, you need the Scenery Animation Manager (SAM), which you can download from your shop account or the following link: file/5007-sam-scenery-animation-manager/ Unzip the ZIP file into the “plugins” folder in your XPlane root directory, so that it contains a new folder “SAM” with the plug-in files.¨ (I understaand that by ¨animations¨ you mean the marshalls, jetways, stand guidance systems,etc...) I downloaded that version of SAM and the newer one with the installer (SAM suite). As the PDF states for the activation I need to enter my email and the serial I'd have received after the purchase for the Animations to work. I didnt get any serials and as I wrote earlier in the download page it says ¨no serial number is required¨ next to the products so I cant activate it. What I am doing wrong? Thanks,
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