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  1. That ASW 28 is a hoot, thank you for the link! Love the audible VSI, effective Schempp-Hirth spoilers and nicely animated yawstring. It handles well, a lot more responsive to the controls than I'm used to in FSX. My only concern is the specified VG of 50 KIAS, that feels awfully low, and presents quite a high nose up attitude in external view. It seems a lot happier at about 70 KIAS when looking for lift...any comment? To answer your question, no, I never had to use thermals when crossing gaps between ridges. The LS-7 did a fine job of holding altitude, though I admit it got a bit tight in the vicinity of McGhee Island. SSW of Knoxville where the Tennessee River cuts across the ridge line, got down to maybe 250 feet AGL before I caught the lift from the next ridge. Other than that the trip was pretty much cake. I'll have to try another XC soon in the 28, should be big fun
  2. Looks like fun stuff, thank you! I'll have to get familiar with those; they look like handy utilities. They'll be useful once I've got some more time and experience with practical soaring. As I've mentioned before, I've wanted to develop my skills for a long time...in RL I've logged over 15,000 hours, but only about 15 in sailplanes. Since I'm limited to virtual flying now, it's great to have all the tools I need at my disposal!
  3. Yeah, I think I'm getting a handle on using CX. Using a theme for fast setup is fairly brainless, and the user-defined weather is pretty intuitive to set up...for ridge lift, since you're at a lower altitude, it's a snap to set up the winds aloft since you don't have more than a couple of layers to deal with. Speaking of ridge lift, I just flew a small cross country trip in a downloaded LS-7 from Chilhowee up to Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg, about 125nm or so over 1.3 hours. I like the more contemporary machines not least for their water ballast capability, and it went well. Lots of low altitude/ NOE flying, storing the ridge lift energy as airspeed to trade off for altitude to make getting across gaps in the ridge line comfortable. This first XC flight was a good start...be fun to try some real world weather when the conditions are appropriate. Thanks! Glenn
  4. OK, so we're talking a convective vertical current, gotcha. Simpler than I expected. thanks!
  5. This is working nicely! I get your point about themes for simple setup...I just spent about an hour around Brookhaven, Long Island (got my private power license there in 1978 and hung around a bit with the Long Island Soaring Association folks) hopping from thermal to thermal in a simple Schweizer 2-33 after a fast setup with 'fair weather.' I'll keep your advice in mind when setting up custom weather, but as you say, using themes is a simple no-fuss way to get soaring fast. Perhaps it's my screwy brain, but I'm not getting a good grasp of the concept of blue thermals...the manual seems to assume a priori knowledge of them, could you give me a bit of a steer to better understand them? Thanks! Glenn
  6. Good info, thanks, B21! Just to check: in setting up conditions for ridge lift, I used 'user defined' weather rather than the 'fair weather' theme, to allow for a decent wind velocity and direction (about 310 degrees at 24 kt in the Chilhowee example). Can I assume that CumulusX will take whatever weather data is used to implement lift as it sees fit? In this line, will it help to use user defined weather at desert strips like Minden NV or Estrella Sailport AZ and set it for fairly hot, like 105 F with scattered clouds on a summer day, with light wind? Reading the manual, it indicates you should use the 'fair weather' theme for setting up convective lift, just ensuring I'm not screwing it up by using 'user defined.' Glenn
  7. I am having fun, thanks, Peter! I clearly have lots to learn about optimizing the weather setup, even with a 24kt wind almost perpendicular to the slope at Chilhowee, I'm not getting much lift...but I AM getting lift, so things are moving along. I spent an hour at about 2500 feet AGL hunting lift in one of Wolfgang Piper's ASK-21s...felt good, and very satisfying to gain altitude above the height I released at, even if it wasn't of the hat-sucker variety yet. I'll have to try a bunch of different parameters, the manual is well written, but a bit long on theory and leaves me a bit at a loss on practical use. No matter, I'll learn as I go Glenn
  8. Well thank you for your kind words, Peter! I'm just happy to be done messing with install trouble. I went straightway to Chilhowee Gliderport here in Tennessee, put in some moderate wind over the ridge by the field and was gratified when I was able to get my first 1000 feet gain in the stock DG-808. I quit early since leaking daylight was making my TrackIR misbehave, but I'll certainly fly more later, perhaps in a downloaded Libelle I appreciate your comment but in this case I had to persist. I was a professional pilot for 20 years, but in 2006 had to stop due to developing multiple sclerosis. I'd hoped one day to be able to do some soaring at Chilhowee or Eagleville here, since almost all of my time was in powered aircraft and those fields aren't far from me. Unfortunately, the MS has disabled me to the point of being unable to walk, and my left (mouse) hand barely works, so getting into a real sailplane again is very unlikely. Being able to at least do some virtual soaring is a delight, one I was not going to give up easily even with the problems I had getting it running! Between FSX' powered planes, your CumulusX mod that also makes it a fine soaring simulation, and the superb WW I flight sim Rise Of Flight, I can now indulge my aviation addiction at will, from contemporary powered craft to soaring to vintage flying and combat...this is great stuff! I'll be around, I have only begun to explore CumulusX Glenn
  9. Okay, I installed FSX, SP1 and SP2, then ran the install.cmd. Surprise, it seems to work. Now it wants to know which installation directory to use...should I let it use the main Microsoft Flight Simulator X directory (depicts this as the open folder) or more localized, as C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Misc? Nice to be seeing some progress! EDIT- OK, call me impulsive but I let it do what it wanted and install to the main FSX directory. Lo and behold, there's now a Modules folder and Sim Objects folder as should be. I uninstalled SP2, reinstalled Acceleration and it configured fine, CumulusX now autostarts with FSX as it ought to. I'll be setting up a nice hot summer day shortly to try some thermalling in some of the cool downloaded machines from Simviation and Wolfgang Piper's fsglider.de site. Thanks kindly for your help here, Peter, I look forward to lots of fun soaring hours Glenn Horowitz
  10. Hmm- I do have a second PC but it has no DVD drive so unfortunately it's a non issue. I uninstalled everything again, checked WinSXS and found one folder left: x86_Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect_67c7c14424d61b5b_10.0.61259 I've deleted it, now trying reinstall on my C drive on a hunch, will report results. Thanks!
  11. Hi, Peter- Well, I ran that HelloWorld program, the message appeared so OK (thank you, nice to know all's well there). Next, uninstalled everything FSX related, then deleted everything still remaining. Did a fresh install of FSX on my 'D' partition and activated it. Installed SP1, then SP2, all successfully. Tried running the CumulusX install.cmd...same result; a command prompt window that opens and closes in a half second or so and no changes to FSX. Tried running the CumulusX.exe, same error message as before. I performed each step in the order you specified, took my time and double checked each step to make sure I was doing it correctly, but I seem to be right back where I was before. I feel like a terrible pest, but I'm doing the best I can. Pretty frustrating...almost feel like CumulusX dislikes me and is sulking in the corner!
  12. Thanks, Peter, guess I'll have to try that! Before I do, though, is there any way that having FSX installed on the 'D' partition of my hard drive could be the trouble? Also, I'm using the repair function to check the dotnet 3.5 SP1 but as I mentioned originally, I tried installing NET 2.0 Runtime as the .pdf manual suggests, but running the dotnetfx.exe failed, showing an incompatibility with a previously installed version. Upon checking, my 'add/remove programs' list shows I have .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2 and 3.5 SP1 all installed. And as B21 mentioned: The check unearthed no problems, so my .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 should be fine (still no results trying the install.cmd or CumulusX.exe, FWIW) I could install everything on my 'C' drive, but I think it's a shame if I have to do that, as I only have about 43gb room there but close to 150gb on that 'D' partition available...but I'll do it if need be Once this is settled, I'll uninstall everything, then follow your install instructions. Sorry to wear you out here!
  13. Appreciate the effort you're putting in to help, but so far, no luck. Attempting to run CumulusX.exe gets the error popup: D:\fsx temp\Modules\CumulusX!\CumulusX.exe This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
  14. Well, nuts. I've installed SP1 and 2 with no problem, but I'm getting the same result as my first try. When I right click on the install.cmd file and select 'run,' I get a command prompt window for about a half a second before it closes, nothing else happens. I'm stumped, sorry. PS- if there's any question of administrator rights, I'm the sole user and only account on this machine, listed as Computer Administrator in XP's user profiles.
  15. Well, one step at a time- I removed Acceleration, downloaded SP2 and tried running the .msi, but it failed, telling me I first need to install SP1. Should I install 1 and 2, then CX, then remove SP1 and 2, or should I install them and just uninstall 2 after installing CX but before reinstalling Acceleration? Apologies for this saga but I want to do this right...
  16. Appreciate the quick response, Peter, thank you. Before I try these steps, a couple of questions, at the risk of trying your patience: 1) I've had a couple of disasters with downloaded aircraft from Simviation that came with installers, they made FSX unplayable and I've had to reinstall the whole thing a couple of times now since I had no clue how to undo whatever the installers did...how do I uninstall FSX-SP2, assuming I get CumulusX in and working...will it show in my 'Add/Remove Programs' in my control panel? 2) I'm running Windows XP Pro and AFAIK there are no options to 'run as admin' available, I'm wondering if the difference here between XP Pro and Vista/Win7 will be significant. 3) Since I have FSX installed on the 'D' partition of my hard drive, should I put the CumulusX files I extract to a temp folder on that 'D' partition before trying to install it? I've already tried doing just that before I wrote you and got nowhere as my OP detailed; perhaps removing Acceleration and installing SP2 as you suggest will do the trick. I can try all this, but I'm a bit hesitant about messing it up. Of course, none of this is life threatening...worst case, I screw it all up and lose a couple of hours uninstalling and reinstalling all of FSX but I hope to avoid another round of that if possible...and of course I'd love to get some proper soaring time in which will make the effort more than worthwhile. I was pretty let down when I tried soaring in a 2-33 at Elmira (where I got my glider license in 1979 at the Schweizer factory school!) on a hot summer day with no lift to be found in the unmodded FSX...I was delighted when I found CumulusX, and hope it will let me relive some fun times Thanks again!
  17. Guess I must be a duffer, but I seem unable to get CumulusX to work at all. I've downloaded version 1.6 from Peter L├╝rkens' site, put it in a temp folder on my desktop as suggested, but when I run the install.cmd I get a command prompt window for less than a half second before it closes, and nothing in FSX changes. I tried installing NET 2.0 Runtime as the .pdf manual suggests, but running the dotnetfx.exe failed, showing an incompatibility with a previously installed version. Upon checking, my 'add/remove programs' list shows I have .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2 and 3.5 SP1 all installed. I'm no computer whiz and my machine was built by an engineer friend last summer, so I don't know if all these .NET Framework installations could be the trouble. I'm running Windows XP Professional SP3 on an Athlon 7850 dual core 2.8 GHz CPU, and just installed FSX Gold (X Deluxe plus Acceleration) on my machine in the 'D' partition of my hard drive ('C,D and E' partitions to reduce seek time). It runs very well, but I'd love to do some real soaring in FSX, and hope I can, with some assistance, get CumulusX running. Thanks in advance for any help you folks care to offer!
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