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  1. I am a Chinese player, English is not very good, this article was written in Google Translate. I ’m a player using Tumaster ’s A10C rocker. I just purchased the CRJ Pro, but when setting the shaft, I found that the two throttle shafts are in the game position when the A10C rocker has been pushed full There is no 50% of the full trip. But when I use the third axis of the A10C left-hand joystick and set it as a total throttle axis, both throttle valves in the game can be pushed to full, no matter whether I use FSUIPC or P3DV4.5 own setting options The performance in the game is the same. I read the post on the throttle issue at the top, but the last speech was two years ago. I also don't see players using the same type of joystick asking such questions. So, can anyone help me?
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