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  1. Greetings, I took my maiden flight in the A330 yesterday: DLH469 from KAUS to EDDF. Overall, a very nice experience. I did observe some minor issues with the autoflight system that were a little irritating: As I got close to EDDF, I flew the UNO25S RNAV approach inbound to RW 25L from the UNOKO fix. As I was passing through UNOKO, IBVIL, and MANUV, the aircraft "overshot" UNOKO a little bit, and kept veering off course to try and turn back around to hit UNOKO again, rather than just continuing on toward IBVIL or even MANUV. I had to manually intervene by pressing the HDG knob and selecting a heading toward MANUV. It was not a major issue, but the aircraft seemed to have a bit of trouble with getting itself back on course smoothly if it overshot a fix in a series where several of them were close together. I was using real-time weather fed in from AS P3Dv4, and the conditions near EDDF were very windy and rainy at the time. So I think the weather was a factor in the aircraft getting off course just a bit. Perhaps the real thing also behaves this way, I'm not sure. But it seems like the autoflight system could perhaps handle this situation a little better? Just wondering. Also, a question: does the weather radar only show on the left side ND? Or did I miss a switch or setting somewhere to enable it on the right side ND, as well? I only got weather on the left side ND during my flight. I have version installed currently, but will plan to update to later today. Thanks for making a great product overall, really enjoying it so far. Will love it even more once all the little initial bugs get sorted.
  2. Just wanted to +1 this issue: I took my maiden flight in the A330 yesterday, DLH469 from KAUS to EDDF. I have version installed. (Will update to later today.) Overall, the flight was very nice experience. However, I did notice the same issue as reported above: for a good portion of the flight, the EFOB prediction in the MCDU was stuck at -0.5 for me. It slowly corrected itself as I got closer to EDDF, but still, this behavior seems very off. I landed at EDDF with just a bit under 10t of fuel.
  3. Just got a CTD here. KHIO to KABQ, tried to select the LOWBO3 STAR chart somewhere between the TCH and RSK VORTACs. Pulling up the LOWBO3 chart worked fine before I took off. Problem seems to manifest after the simulation has been running for a while. I was about 1:10 into my flight.
  4. I encountered the same issue as well. I have a subscription to Navigraph Charts, and I was using it to pull up charts in the EFB on the simulated tablet. Flight plan: KGJT . JNC . GUP . EAGUL6 . KPHX Everything was fine until the descent into KPHX. I had the EAGUL SIX chart pulled up, and I wanted to switch to the ILS chart for runway 26 at KPHX so I could get the ILS frequency to tune the NAV radios for the approach. When I attempted to pull up the ILS chart, I got a long pause, followed by a CTD. Unfortunately I did not have Windows set up to capture events, but I will do so in case I encounter the issue again.
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