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  1. Greetings, I took my maiden flight in the A330 yesterday: DLH469 from KAUS to EDDF. Overall, a very nice experience. I did observe some minor issues with the autoflight system that were a little irritating: As I got close to EDDF, I flew the UNO25S RNAV approach inbound to RW 25L from the UNOKO fix. As I was passing through UNOKO, IBVIL, and MANUV, the aircraft "overshot" UNOKO a little bit, and kept veering off course to try and turn back around to hit UNOKO again, rather than just continuing on toward IBVIL or even MANUV. I had to manually intervene by pressing the HDG knob and selecting a heading toward MANUV. It was not a major issue, but the aircraft seemed to have a bit of trouble with getting itself back on course smoothly if it overshot a fix in a series where several of them were close together. I was using real-time weather fed in from AS P3Dv4, and the conditions near EDDF were very windy and rainy at the time. So I think the weather was a factor in the aircraft getting off course just a bit. Perhaps the real thing also behaves this way, I'm not sure. But it seems like the autoflight system could perhaps handle this situation a little better? Just wondering. Also, a question: does the weather radar only show on the left side ND? Or did I miss a switch or setting somewhere to enable it on the right side ND, as well? I only got weather on the left side ND during my flight. I have version installed currently, but will plan to update to later today. Thanks for making a great product overall, really enjoying it so far. Will love it even more once all the little initial bugs get sorted.
  2. Just wanted to +1 this issue: I took my maiden flight in the A330 yesterday, DLH469 from KAUS to EDDF. I have version installed. (Will update to later today.) Overall, the flight was very nice experience. However, I did notice the same issue as reported above: for a good portion of the flight, the EFOB prediction in the MCDU was stuck at -0.5 for me. It slowly corrected itself as I got closer to EDDF, but still, this behavior seems very off. I landed at EDDF with just a bit under 10t of fuel.
  3. Just got a CTD here. KHIO to KABQ, tried to select the LOWBO3 STAR chart somewhere between the TCH and RSK VORTACs. Pulling up the LOWBO3 chart worked fine before I took off. Problem seems to manifest after the simulation has been running for a while. I was about 1:10 into my flight.
  4. I encountered the same issue as well. I have a subscription to Navigraph Charts, and I was using it to pull up charts in the EFB on the simulated tablet. Flight plan: KGJT . JNC . GUP . EAGUL6 . KPHX Everything was fine until the descent into KPHX. I had the EAGUL SIX chart pulled up, and I wanted to switch to the ILS chart for runway 26 at KPHX so I could get the ILS frequency to tune the NAV radios for the approach. When I attempted to pull up the ILS chart, I got a long pause, followed by a CTD. Unfortunately I did not have Windows set up to capture events, but I will do so in case I encounter the issue again.
  5. Thanks...I figured as much, but just wanted to rule it out.
  6. You might be on to something here. I encountered this exact same problem while flying CYYZ to KDEN, which is also a high-altitude airport. (Landing field elev. 5440'.) Here was my flight path, for reference: CYYZ GOPUP3 SLLAP DCT BAE DCT ALO DCT OBH WAHUU2 KDEN Cruise level at FL360 for the entire flight.
  7. Wait...upon further inspection, I discovered I neglected to turn on the hydraulic pumps (other than 3A) on my latest flight. Ugh. I *hate* it when I do silly things like this! /feeling sheepish Could this have caused the sudden loss of pressurization? I got the same symptom as reported above - pressurization fine until about 20000 feet, with cabin altitude hovering around 1000-2000 feet or so. Then, complete loss of pressurization, and cabin altitude shoots up to the current altitude the plane is traveling at. I did make sure to take off using the TOGA detent on the throttle. Guess this pilot needs some more training in the sim... ;-)
  8. I have encountered the same issue with pressurization on three consecutive flights. Thought I was doing something wrong at first, but I checked landing field elevation and it is set.
  9. Thanks so much for the tip. I'll give that a try once the latest update to the A318/A319 becomes available.
  10. A valid question - and indeed, I have used DIR TO many times. I have attached the chart below to help explain it better. In this case, I was between ISVAT and FLOTE, and did not want to go direct to AMVES until I reached NOR02. So at that point, I was trying to delete NOR03, NOR04, NOR05, and PULDI from the flight plan in the MCDU, and just go direct from NOR02 to AMVES in the flight plan. Hope this helps - if there is a better way of accomplishing what I tried to do, I'm willing to learn!
  11. For what it's worth, I encountered a similar issue last night on my initial test flight of the A318. I added the Avianca repaint to the sim, and flew from SKSM to SKBO. Things were mostly fine until I got on the approach to SKBO. I was flying in on the ISVA2E approach to land on runway 13R. One of the features of this approach is that you can be cleared direct to the final fix at AMVES, bypassing NOR03, NOR04, NOR05, PULDI, etc. I had gone into the MCDU and attempted to delete some of those intermediate fixes, and both the MCDU and ND locked up as a result. The plane was still flying, and fortunately, I was able to manually land it on 13R at SKBO by hand. All of the other systems were responsive. I believe I had FSUIPC's autosave feature turned on at 10 minute intervals, so it is possible I might have a save file from before this happened, if it would be helpful.
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