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  1. It's unofficially been given a window of Summer 2021 (subject to change I imagine depending on development & potential SIM changes).
  2. Great news, glad to see the sim continue to progress, best of luck with the final stretch of development!
  3. Was this Sim Update 4 the changes you were looking for with the turbo props Mathijs? Or do further updates (e.g. SU5) need to be made for the Twotter to be viable?
  4. The external textures look fantastic, love the “worn” look.
  5. Model looks fantastic, excited to see this released!
  6. Agreed, if I'm honest, I was skeptical how good this would be straight off the bat as a 1.0, I thought for sure there were going to be more issues given the complexity and that MSFS is still a new environment, but I have to say you guys have done a great job, I'm sure there's still little things to iron out and that's natural as the environment matures and you get to fine tune things, but really enjoyable experience in the sim for this level of flying.
  7. I encountered the same situation trying to remove a discontinuity in the FPLN while parked. Aircraft and sim both froze. Not using FSUIPC. Could it be an issue with something like windows defender/firewall at all? Or unlikely?
  8. Hi Dave, So followed the link you provided and the 3rd MCDU is working - thanks for providing that, sorry for wasting your time!
  9. Hi Dave, Thanks for your quick reply, I definitely did not follow those steps, I just did the uninstall - reinstall through the windows and a reboot. I'll follow the PDF doc you've linked and report back shortly! Thanks again!
  10. It's up on simmarket, I made a post in the support section for FMC, having a problem with the 3rd MCDU if anyone has the same experience or solution! I agree Herman, I think next time I make a purchase I'll get it direct from Aerosoft, makes things a little easier.
  11. Hi guys, Just updated the A333, with the update however the 3rd MCDU on the lower pedestal is now black? Some buttons appear to have click spots, others no longer seem to. Am I doing something incorrectly? (It was working prior to this update.)
  12. I don’t understand what this comment means? So people that remain on P3D are what? History also? I appreciate that resources for a business need to be allocated to ventures for the future but not at the expense of finishing what’s been started, but that’s just my humble opinion. Thanks for your reply!
  13. Ah that’s disappointing, appreciate MSFS is the new kid on the block, I myself am excited to get it, but not to complete something fully surely isn’t a good philosophy? I’m sure there will be some people staying with the current platforms or moving to P3Dv5 when it releases, “not the close future” is disheartening for such people.
  14. Thank you Mathijs, I picked up the A330 last night, so am very excited to learn the aircraft!
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