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  1. hello Heinz, all is working very well right now,thanks to you.good because i made a new cleaned install of xplane11 and added SAM first then the Shermentjevo and Traffic Global X and also Dusseldorf as well,all is working well,but one question before you closing this thread,how to make the passenger bridge to move to the airplane? regards
  2. hello Heinz,i installed a clean xplane version again plus the SAM files as you told me and after all the Shermentjevo again,i did not test it yet cuz i want to send you my logfile first..have a look please and happy saturday to you Log.txt
  3. alright i do understand,yep i did install the SAM2 like it mentioned on the post you shared me,do i have to activate SAM when opening a flight in Xplane11? i do not have any serial code of SAM.
  4. so i followed your advices but still there is no change yet. some pictures,I also did check my steam and verify of the game cache...,nothing really helped
  5. yea...before i did share my files to you i did install C++ and the Sam2 i already added to it,Dusseldorf Airport works without any errors of scenery.
  6. ok here you go.. Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  7. Hallo Leute, bin neu hier,hab mir X Plane 11,Global Traffic X und das Addon Moskau SHermentjevo X v2.zugelegt,nach automatischer Installation weiterhin Probleme mit der Szenerie,weit und breit kein Flughafen und Gates in Sicht,bin jetzt schon mehrere Stunden am rumprobieren,komme aber nicht auf nen grünen Zweig,hoffentlich kann mir jemand hier helfen.Danke! Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  8. Hello Heinz,the problem still exist after copying all the files you recommend to me..what to do next please? thanks
  9. Hello, well thanks and good to be here,btw yea but its payware Moscow Sh.v2,i will have a look first,but why there are problems to load scenery if its payware and automatic install ? i really wonder,i just added manila aquino freeware and all was just fine..
  10. Hi good day,i am totally newbie,purchased Moscow SHermentjevo for x plane 11 and after installing i always get scenery error message on the right side of the window,I just installed X-Plane first,then Traffic Global X and after all the Moscow Airport X v2,and I choose always without static aircrafts,but also when i choose the other way it can not load the airport well,it shows me aircrafts beside houses or on the grass and so on..what to do? regards timmy scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
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