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  1. Hello! I am pretty new to the sim world and was looking for the best 777 add on. I came across the FF777 worldliner as almost the only and probably the best. As anyone would do I read review and could only find reviews from 2018 and early 2019, pretty much all concluding that this add on aircraft is VERY outdated compared to their 757 and 767. Can anyone confirm this? Or since then had there been updated to the 777 worldliner making it much better. My other question was whether or not the 777 has an integrated checklist like the 767 does. I know the 767 has one you can pop up right in game, and was really hoping the 777 world be the same so I didn't have to get one else where. I would appreciate any help as this has been the only way to communicate with flight factor for these questions. Thanks in advance!
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