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  1. Hello There, When i'm flying with a friend i have the problem that when i enter the number of pax and qnty of fuel in the 3rd CDU the fuel level is goining up for me and not for my friend (same goes for the pax). In the beginning of the flight everything goes perfectly only half way my plane is nog on the flight plan line anymore and his plane is. When we arrive at the aiport my plane is of the airfield (like the flightplan line) and his plane is on the airfield. Greets
  2. Me and my friend have exactly the same problem as Klisura and Zhenche. Sometimes (1 out of 4) we have the problem that you cant autobrake turn of the autobrake. The other problem (brake keeps in the bottom left corner) we cant make it go away. We both have the same setup in joystick ( thrustmaster t flight hotas one) and were not using brakes as an Axis). We use PD3 v4 ( and Aerosoft A330 Professional version
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