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  1. I did a search before posting, this matter has not been addressed. It is not helpful replying as you did. If there is an answer you know about.. please point to it
  2. I have just installed the updated version of Aerosoft A320/321 Professional to p3d v 4.5. When I run the livery installer I get an error. ( See attachment.) P3D shows that the aircraft are installed but even they do not show on the livery screen. This never happened with the previous version of the aircraft.
  3. The view from the side of the pilots seat in my airbus has a strange extension to the pilots seat.....like the fabric has been stretched. I have deinstalled the airbus and it is still there on reinstall. Image is at https://prnt.sc/s2o1ur Any ideas? Regards
  4. Hi, is this ever going to happen? I have been waiting patiently for years. Here is a copy of a post from almost three years ago. June 15,2017 mattbrown33 Hi, I have been looking through all your forums but can't seem to see if Manchester X will be upgraded for P3D V4 or if it will work straight away, as it isn't listed in your upgrade list or compatible list. I did try to install it which it installed fine but there did seem to be an issue ground textures and also elevation problems. June 15 2017 Tom A320 June 15 2017 Aerosoft will go through their 200+ add-ons a
  5. This does not work in the A320. I cannot get the virtual keyboard to initiate yet scrolling and other functions work. To get information for EGLL, for example I would have to scroll forever!
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