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  1. No.. LIke I said in the top right.. It just says loading xxxx .file
  2. Funny that link was not working.. Was a 404. And that version now that the link is working is very old.
  3. Who is saying every 28 days.. .. How about once every 5 years.. Selling an old product on developers site ,, you would think this would have the most up to date information. And a changelog, something showing the last release date.. But no. That is just deceiving. And if that is the Aerosoft is .. ok.. I will just avoid buying anything from them. And saying 99% of all software is old. I have never had an issue like this. 99% of everything is old. But this is deceiving. I buy something thinking it is new, then find out that it I 6-7 years old.
  4. I really would not have a problem with this but Oon the product page you don't have anything indicating that it IS OLD. No change log. So no dates for a buyer to know this. Article number: AS13267 Publisher: Aerosoft Developer: Robert Miroszewski Language: English EAN: 4015918132671 Current version: 1.1.12
  5. So I need to buy an update? Remember the version that is on my current setup is 1309?I If it was curent I think it should be 2003.. Is that right? I bought GATC around a week ago.
  6. From time to time.. Different times i am playing.
  7. I sure hope Aerosoft didn't sell me a very old game. Forums are dead, no updates since 2014? Anyone out there???
  8. #! http://www.aerosoft-shop.com/products/navdatapro/navdatapro.html This is the URL in help>>upgrade Nav Database. What is needed to update this. #2 Also how can I tell what version/release/update # for the NavDatabase?? Right below the below the help>>Upgrade Nav database,, there is Cycle 1309 .. So very old. Right?? ***found this AIRAC cycle : 1309 Revision : 1 Valid (from/to): 22/AUG/2013 - 18/SEP/2013 ** How do I update date this to say the day I bought GATC? #3
  9. Hello, I have had an issue on and off with the terrain never loading. It says opening terrain. Any ideas? Thanks Brett
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