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  1. Hello Simware. I am having similar issues. I have followed the method above and the controller is working, but not quite correctly. Reverse thrust is now operable, but when I return the levers to the idle position, eng 1 goes to 50% thrust. If I set full thrust on both of the thrustmaster levers, the virtual levers on the screen are not aligned and on the ecam, it shows 94.5% N1 on eng1 and 100.3% on eng2. Note that to set this full thrust, my thrustmaster levers are set to the middle detent on the white arc (which I think is supposed to be the CL detent) and moving the levers beyond that to FLX or TOGA, makes no further difference in the SIM. I wondered if I missed something when following your instructions, as when actually calibrating in Windows, there was a stage in the process for calibrating axis z, but I'm not sure what I was supposed to be doing at that stage. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, as I feel I'm nearly there!
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