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  1. Thanks Mathijs. I'll do that. I contacted them yesterday but we were looking for a Store problem, I didn't know about this limitation. Best regards, R
  2. I will try this, but it's unbelievable we have to do this for a 130€ product...
  3. Oh, really? So I can't play it because of that. I want this version as part of my collection but I don't want to use the DVDs... Who has a DVD drive nowadays? So, should I ask for a refund and get digital version? I received it as a present, so it will be difficult...
  4. Hi, thanks for this post. I already did those steps. Everything is up to date, Windows 10 version 2004, MS store and Xbox services are up to date too. And even Nvidia drivers are updated to the last version. It's still asking for the disc after install it from the Store. (Just installed the first 900MB, the message appears BEFORE download the 90GB data) The MSFS version downloaded is
  5. Yes, I read about it but in this case, it's a completly new installation, I did it yesterday's afternoon. Windows and MS Store are fully uptated. Just after the 900MB launcher installation, I get that message. I can do nothing but quit the game.
  6. I'm enjoying MFS but I wonder how to run it without insert the DVD every time. I get this message: "Please insert the microsoft flight simulator game disc" How should I proceed? On the other hand I want to install it in my laptop as well, I can't though. I downloaded it from the Microsoft Store and asks me for the disk anyway... but I can't, the laptop hasn't any optical drive. Thanks!
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