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  1. Good day! Problem solved. PMDG support sent me a link to download the OCupdater.exe. After executing the updater, the Operatin Center works fine. If you have the problem, just open a ticket on their website, they are very reactive. Have a nice flight!
  2. Thanks, I'm going to post on their support forum. I will post the solution here when it will be solved!
  3. Hi! Thanks for your answer. I already tried to launch it as administrator, but there is no change. I've tried to use the WIndows 7 compatibility mode, but same issue...
  4. Good day! I've bought one year ago the PMDG 737NGX for P3D. I just re-installed my computer from scratch, so I had to make a new P3D installation. I re-download le PMDG 737NGX from my account with instant delivery menu. I had deactivated windows defender during installation, and run the installer as administrator. The aircraft was successfully activated at the firt launch. But, when i try to launch the PMDG operation center, it doesn't work. I have a control command window that appear quickly, and that's it. I've made a screenshot of the window, and it's about an exception wich is not manage : I was looking on the internet for a solution, but I didn't find one. I've see on the PMDG forum a procedure to follow when there is a pb with operation center, but I can't execute it as I don't have the OCupdater.exe in the PMDG folder... Anyone know something about this problem? P3D4.5.13.32097 PMDG 737NGX installer V1.20.8465 Thanks you by advance, an sorry for my english...
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