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  1. Hi to all. so i dropped a ticket to support@aerosoft and i tried the first of a few suggestions . I opened File Explorer and copied contents of DVD 1 and pasted to a temporary folder. I did this for 9 of the 10 DVD's apart from DVD 6 which i placed in my wifes laptop and copied and pasted data 7 file to a USB drive and then copied and pasted from usb drive to temp folder on my PC. I then ran the installation from the setup.exe in temp folder and everything installed perfectly. Microsoft store app opened automatically at the end of install and installed everything else and i a
  2. I had same problem during initial installation with DVD 2. Installation terminated and i had to start again with DVD 1. Same problem again when i got to DVD 5, error message and that was as far as i could go. I have tried a further three times to install from DVD, starting with DVD 1 and getting error message below when i get to DVD 6. Annoyed that i pre-ordered and paid 130 euros plus delivery and three days in and i still havent got to see this 'great' sim that everyone is raving about.
  3. Hi, this is the error message that appears during installation of DVD 6.
  4. Hi all, I have bought and recieved the 10 DVD boxed version of MFS on Tuesday and so far i have failed to install the sim. I created a folder on my newly bought and partitioned 1TB SSD drive and pointed the installer to that folder. DVD 1 installed but upon putting DVD 2 into DVD Rom when requested, a message appeared stating a file was missing. Pressed OK and installer terminated. I had to start from the beginning with DVD 1. Got as far as installing DVD 4 and an error message appeared when i put in DVD 5 upon request and once again installer terminated. Started
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