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  1. Yes aware of that. I guess just note that it is occurring. I for one have the issue as well as two other friends and just dont use the tabs. If you need logs etc then let us know.
  2. There are alot of users with the issue they just dont report it on here. Im seeing a lot report it in facebook sites but they just dont use the tabs when advised how to avoid it.
  3. Yes known issue. Links and docs will cause a ctd. Just dont use them.
  4. A318-321 is A330 is
  5. Dont click on links or docs and it will work. Those folders are causing ctds.
  6. Since the update it appears to be okay. This can now be closed. Thanks for the help.
  7. No issues on my side. I have been flying the A320 alot and never had that issue sorry.
  8. Good afternoon. Any luck in solving this one? Getting quite annoying especially when you load up and its not registered. Have to reload the sim once logged back in.
  9. Yes don't touch that one as it has never worked and always causes CTD. Even a couple in the docs ones will cause a CTD. Check flows and charts are the only one you can safely use.
  10. HI did you open RAAS in the actual sim with the plane on the ground? Add ons - RAAS Professional Create a profile and make sure the Master Switch is on.
  11. This is happening with navigraph settings also. The website page to allow settings also states a318/319 in the header when you click on the login browser button in the a320 configurator
  12. Thanks how do we remove the navdata pro ones? Reason I ask is so it doesnt get ueed accidentally over the navigraph ones. Thanks.
  13. Will do later on today. We are 30 degrees here so not the weather. Thanks for the help so far.
  14. Captain who was flying then i had to turn mine on after.
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