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  1. Dear All, I'm looking for someone interested in giving to me some private lessons (NOT for free, I will pay for it ) on Skype how to fly the A320 (not you tube tutorials). I have some problems to undestand the approach procedure / flight plan and the constraints. If anyone is interested, please contact me by email and informe me about their rates for each hour /lesson Thank you very much in advance Guanito53@yahoo.com
  2. Hi Dave. Many thanks for your information. I will join the Aerosoft Flight Sim Community!. Best
  3. Hi Alessio. Many thanks for your answer. I watched some video tutorials in youtube but when I flight I don't have a clear idea about approach procedure, I am always making the same errors ( I do not know what are they) with the localizer and autopilot. It is a bit frustating. This is the raison why I would like take some lessons in order to understand the procedure.
  4. Hi All ! I am looking for someone who can give me by Skype some lessons to flight the A320 in Microsoft Flight Simulator, Aerosoft. You can contact me by email: Guanito53@yahoo.es Many thanks Guanito
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