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  1. Once again I have managed to get the scenery visible. To night I decided that my last change was to try to change the priority in the scenery library. I put the Torp scenery on top of the manually installed sceneries, and that made it. I hope that the problem is resolved now, and that the change of priority not has damaged other sceneries. Once again, Thank you for trying to help me Juergen.
  2. Thank you for trying to help me. I have tried your solution, but the scenery is still not visible. I think it is strange if I am the only person who has experienced that the scenery disappear.
  3. Now the scenery has disappeared again. I have used it several times the last weeks, but tonight it didn't show up again. I have tried to install the new afcad file again, but no difference. The only addon I have updated lately is GSX? Can it cause the problem? Tor Arild
  4. Thank you for your response. To night I solved the problem by changing to a different AFCAD file. I have no explanation, but the scenery showed up with the new AFCAD.
  5. I have used the old scenery for Torp Sandefjord a couple of years with P3Dv.4. I know it is made for a former edition of P3d, but it has been no problems using it. Last week when I wanted to fly from Torp, the scenery did not show up. It was still in the scenery library and in the scenery config file, but it is not visible. I have tried to uninstall and install it again several times, but with no luck. I also use GSX and the tarmac equipment and deicing cars are visible. GSX has been updated several times lately, so I wander if it can be a conflict between GSX and Torp. Does anyone have the same experience, or is there a solution to bring it back? Tor Arild Danielsen
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