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  1. I have also posted on SODEs forum. So I just hope he will answer either here or on the SODE website.
  2. I have contacted 12bpilot by email and still got no reply. Thanks for answering by the way. Hope I can get help here as well.
  3. I have bought the Mega Airport Moscow Sheremetyevo and installed it for my FSX Steam Edition. The problems I am experiencing is connected to the SODE I am using. When I open the SODE program the menu is completely blank without "Register SODE" for my Flight Simulator. The SODE log says: No target simulator supplied shutting down. As I have read on the internet this is a very common issue for many users. What should I do to get my SODE working and to be able to register my FSX for the SODE? It is very frustrating that it is not working because I have missing jetways at Sheremetyevo and the Moscow City X and its airports is a complete chaos. Therefore it is really important for me to get the SODE working. The question is why my Flightsim is not appearing in the SODE menu and the menu is completely blank? Hope you can help me to solve the issue. I can see that 12bpilot is the SODE developer and answers the questions about SODE here on the forum so hopefully 12bpilot can have the clue. Best regards, Sondre.
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