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    Airbus goes nuts

    or post your settings as screenshots I'm happy to hel!
  2. Gegels

    Airbus goes nuts

    Hey Adam, by reading through your previous posts I came up with another idea regarding your described problems. To be honest I don’t think that the solution is based on the cabin sounds. During the beta process the Airbus was tested under some high condition scenarios to determine if there is a massive fps drop, that we eventually would need to take care off. Therefore 3rd party add-ons (like Active Sky and REX Skyforce and ORbX) were also used on maxed out settings, which showed a significant fps drop only once completely high settings (like you wrote before) in all add-ons were used. Could you please do me a favor and post a screenshot of your complete AS and REX setting so that we can check if it’s a texture-based issue? Thanks! Georg
  3. Regarding the performance let me just add a thought on this on a general basis: I'd two flights today to cover anything, that may affect the fps in my opinion: 1. EDDT-EDDF: 3rd party addons (Orb X Global, Active Sky and REX SkyForce 3D) used, with 20 aircraft on arrival and partly cloudy skies along the route. 2. EDDF-EGLL: 3rd party addons (Orb X Global, Active Sky and REX SkyForce 3D)used, with 60 aircraft on arrival and thunderstorms on arrival. Total review: I'm positive speechless by the performance: During both flights I was stunned by the fact, that the fps were constantly between 20-60 fps,) depending on the flight phase you're in (i.e EDDF taxi in 20-35 sometimes even higher). Even the HD clouds didn't drop the fps significant. However: During my arrival in EGLL they were somewhere between 10-25 for a short period of time, but that's surly caused by the huge traffic flow.