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    Hi, all not sure if this is the right place to be posing this but I'm after a bit of help if possible. I'm struggling in getting some lua files to work through FSUIPC to control the A320. I have been following this thread: from a few years ago and have got some functions to work using the Linda profile for Aerosoft A320 found on Avsim to create Lua files. I have followed the steps in the thread but can only get some funtions to work for example I have got the Engine Mode Selector, Engine Masters 1 & 2, APU Master, Start & APU Bleed to work but am not able to get the Radios to switch on following the same steps as I have for the Engine Controls and APU Controls. I have tried both the "On" & "Off" Functions as well as the "Toggle" one and nothing happens. I have been told the code is bad but i do not know enough to correct these issues. I have attached the Lua file if anyone is able to help that would be amazing ! Thanks A320Radio.lua
  2. Hi, I've been experimenting with FSUIPC and Lua files for a few weeks now and have managed to get several functions from the A320/A321 to work but was wondering if there is a way of tuning the radios as the Lua file I've found online doesn't contain any code for tuning of the radios. Any help would be appreciated !
  3. I'm not sure if i'm asking in the right place or even if something similar has been asked before but i'm not sure what to do if something is wrong, out of date or incorrect. I've recently attempted flying from Cardiff (EGFF) to Menorca (LEMH), I have programmed the flight plan including the SID but when I go to select the STAR there are none. It offers 2 different ILS approaches for both RWY 01 & 19 but no STARs I know Menorca uses them but am not sure if this is due to the Nav Data Base being out of date or not ? Or even if i'm just using out of date charts. If anyone is able to help me with this it would be a help. Thanks.
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