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  1. and your point being ....?
  2. Hi, kind of strange you closed the topic "Networked installation" for further reply. Anyway .. I suppose you understand that I bought this software based on my experience with the freeware version. So to me it's a step back because now I can't achieve the same functionality as with the freeware, yet I paid for it. Basically, the only thing I ask is that, when activating Scenery, you would omit checking the path of the scenery I want to activate. I do not want (or need) to add new Scenery with your program, I do that directly with SceneryConfigEditor on my FSX PC, so no need to go and check the path's of the scenery because if they're in my scenery.cfg, just consider the path's to be correct. It can just be an extra parameter in the settings.ini to be manually set like "SceneryPathCheck=0" so the check subroutine would be skipped. Or give me some patch for the freeware so I can use more profiles, that would be more than sufficient too, at least I wouldn't have spent money for nothing Cheers, Luc
  3. Hi, I'm having some more issues with my setup in a networked environment. I can't really declare them as bugs, rather inconsistencies. My setup is a follows; -Dedicated FSX PC where only strict necessarily software and add-ons are running on -PC where LittleNavMap is running on -PC where AS16+ASCA is running on -This laptop I'm using right now to write this message and is used to prepare all my flights and downloads I order to keep my FSX PC as "clean" as possible, I only run FSX on it and those add-on's which I can't run on a networked PC So I don't use a browser on that PC, don't connect to the internet unless it's strictly needed for the working of activating software. Therefore I'm using my laptop to download add-on software that I want to install (ORBX, PMDG, ...) and then transfer the files to my FSX PC I also use my laptop to make my Flight plan with Simbrief and also transfer them to my FSX PC Same with FSCaptain, preparing my flights. My FSX installation is in an other area than my laptop. Then I came across SimStarter long time ago (freeware) but I never used it until a few month's ago. I'm running (free) Simstarter on my laptop and I'm able to configure all my setting in different profiles and start all my PC with Simclient. I had some small issues but quickly found some workaround's and I'm really pleased with how thing are (were) running. As I find that Simstarter is a powerful tool, especially if you have a lot of different Flight situations and also to test some different configurations without taking the risk to "loose" all your "working" settings. So I decided to get the NG version only because I could use some more profiles and at the same time I'm supporting a software that is truly useful. My issues: All path's are correctly set in the settings.ini to my networked FSX PC and working. FSX.cfg no problems can read and change settings DDL.xml and EXE.xml impossible to read or manage these files although the path is correctly set (same path as FSX.cfg anyway) Scenery.cfg can read on FSX PC but can't make any changes (activate or deactivate) different scenery's. Reason is that whenever I wan't to activate or deactivate a scenery, it will look at the path of that scenery, but on my laptop and not on my FSX-PC Hence, it will not find those scenery's and will not activate them. Again the path to Scenery.cfg is correct. Solution, either use the correct FSX path specified in the settings or just omit checking the path to the scenery as this is not really necessary. You only might need to check that path I you would like to Add scenery's, which I don't want (need) to do anyway. Simobjects has the same problem, is not using the correct path to the folders. This only gives an issue when you want to select an aircraft. Problem was also on the free version, but there's an easy workaround, run Simstarter on the FSX PC once and copy over the file FSXaircraft.db However, that doesn't work with the NG version as at every startup it will read the (wrong) simobject folder an revert back to that. Same issue with running MakeRunways and having the correct airports. Anyways, I don't really care about the last two issues (Aircraft and runways) as you only need this for "Jumpstart" and I can live without that (but would be nice to have) The main issue is the Scenery.cfg which is an absolute must to use this program in my setup so I'm really need a solution for that. For the time being, it's back to the free version which I'm totally satisfied with. Cheers, Luc
  4. Hi, so, I made two DebugPack's, one "official" and one "Manual" (It will become clear why, I hope 😉 ) First the Official I installed NG on my laptop where I also happen to have FSX installed which I only use once in a blue moon, but I want to keep it. On first run everything is fine and as I have FSX on my laptop it fill's out all the path's. I then go to setting and change all the path's to my FSX-PC on the network and restart NG I do have to reread the FSX.cfg but it updates the scenery.cfg automatically. But when I then open Tools/DLLEXExml manager it CTD with the message in the screenshot (.rtf file) In the official DebugPack I also included the log after the CTD (it' in the root) As I was fiddling with the profiles trying to recuperate the once's of 2.7 I then decided to start all over again from scratch. However, in order to have the correct path's to my FSX-PC, I copied my settings.ini to the new install before running. Second the Manual So I start NG and again starting with FSX is proposed, which I accept. I then will CTD with message concerning the DLL/EXE xml and that's it. That's why I made a manual DebugPack as I can't run the program. BTW, similar issues arises with the simobjects. I don't know what would happen if I run NG on a PC without FSX installed, but anyway, I think it would be good that on first run, you would be able to select "Networked Flight Simulator" beside the "Flight Simulator FSX" so we can put in the correct path's from first run. Cheers, Luc 22032020_manual_debug_SIMstarter
  5. Hi, when I start SimstarterNG I get an error that dll.xml should be in programdata or appdata folder. I'm running Simstarter on my laptop, networked to my FSX PC. No problems reading the FSX.cfg on the network, just dll.xml and exe.xml not working although they're in the same folder. Didn't have any problems with that in the freeware version Any idea? Cheers, Luc
  6. Hi, after building up some experience with the Simstarter 2.7 and because it's such a great product i decided to buy the NG version. But I've a slight problem, nowhere I can find the SIMstarter2NG Migration Tool . I really need to import my profiles and setting from the old version, really don't want to start all the work again. Any help or direction would be much appreciated. Cheers, Luc
  7. Well, it looks like I can answer my own question :-)) I installed and ran SimstarterClient on my FSX PC with the program's (FSX, ...) I want to start and it's working fine. I had to put some "dummy" program in the SimStarter STARTMANAGER because it can't be empty. So I created a batch file with only "exit" command in it so the cmd window opens and closes. It looks like it's working fine like this. Cheers, Luc
  8. Hi, maybe an odd situation, but I'm running FSX on a dedicated PC and have two other PC's for other software/add-on's I run. I'm aware and understand (I think 😉 ) of the SimstarterClient. But, what I would like to achieve is to run SimStarter on my laptop, which is in the same network but further has nothing to do with the simulation. I'm using my laptop to create my flightplan (Simbrief) and to configure FSCaptain for my upcoming flight. All relevant files are automatically stored on their respective PC's. Once I'm finished my preparation I would then like to start everything from SimStarter running on my laptop.(instead of moving to my FSX PC in an other room to start SimStarter there) I adjusted all the path's in the settings of SimStarter so they would point to the directories of my FSX PC. And like this I can make my profiles etc ... So far so good. The "problem" occurs when I start the profile. Even when in the start manager I point to the FSX.exe on my FSX PC it will try to run FSX (loaded from my FSX PC) on my laptop, which of course is certainly not what I want. I know this is normal behavior on Windows but is there any work around to remotely start FSX on the FSX PC? Cheers, Luc
  9. Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to configure SimStarter in a way that it automatically activates/de-activates (airport)scenery based on a flight plan? Suppose I load a flight plan from EDDF to LEMD so that only the add-on scenery of those two airports will be active. Cheers, Luc
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